Steven Greer & Mike Adams: Unacknowledged documentary, suppressed energy technology and the way forward for humanity

Full transcript of the October 11, 2017 Mike Adams video interview with suppressed energy technology advocate, author and filmmaker Dr. Steven Greer. Video courtesy of TheHealthRanger.


Mike Adams: Thank you for joining me today, Dr. Greer. For those joining us, many people are very much aware of your work. Your new film, your new book, but for those who aren’t, can you just give a brief background of this phenomenal work you’re doing right now.

Dr. Steven Greer: Unacknowledged is the name of the film and the book, and it comes from the first word in a level of classification in top-secret projects known as Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, or USAPs. USAPs are the crown jewel of secret/covert programs, not all of which, some of which, deal with interstellar, UFO and related so-called zero point energy and free energy technologies. So this film is sort of an exposé, as is the book, a more thorough treatment than the film even of that. The film has been number one on iTunes most of the time since May and it’s now in the top one or two on Netflix. People are very interested in this because what we tried to do in the film is not preach to the echo chamber of people interested in UFOs and all that conspiracy stuff, but really get to what is not conspiracy theories about this, but what are the facts. So the book and the documentary focus on military witnesses, whistleblowers inside the Air Force, corporate Aerospace sources that deal with this issue. So it has a provenance and it has evidence for it that’s solid, and that was really our objective, so that the man on the street who really knows very little about this issue could go to the film or the book and really get brought up to speed about it.

Mike Adams: As you show in your film there is an overwhelming amount of evidence to support many of these positions that you’re explaining and revealing, and yet, despite the evidence, there remains a tremendous amount of, I wouldn’t even say skepticism, I would say dogmatic denial of reality.

Dr. Steven Greer: It’s interesting. We’ve actually won the war, but lost the battle. Let me tell you what I mean. When I first started–I’m a trauma doctor, emergency doctor by training–I left medicine to deal with this some years ago. Back in 2001, about 16 years ago this past May, we had a National Press Club event in Washington when the first 22 of over 100 military and intelligence whistleblowers came forward, now that event was seen hundreds of millions of people over the world BUT the intelligence community globally, and in the US particularly, reached out to the big media and said ‘don’t do follow-up on this’, now this we can prove. Interestingly, what that means is that when we started this effort maybe 25%-30% of the public thought UFOs were real and the government was keeping something secret. Now it’s up near 60%. 43% of the public thinks we’re currently being visited by interstellar civilizations, which we are. So, this is something where we, in a sense, won the war, but the battle of conventional wisdom, and the media, that we haven’t won because contrary to what people believe, and I think that this is a central point to anyone listening right now, I couldn’t have said this on May 9th when the film came out, I can say it here in September of 2017, that one of the central tenets of the film is that the military and intelligence community have folks in the major media who will spike or kill stories related to this. No less a figure than a man who for almost a decade was a senior Air Force Office of Special Investigations counterintelligence official..

Mike Adams: Doty?

Dr. Steven Greer: Richard Doty in the movie states point-blank that he used to carry bags of cash to people in regional, local and national media to alter stories, to stop it from being covered, whatever. We also have Daniel Sheehan, who’s a constitutional attorney. He did the Pentagon Papers, the Silkwood case, the Kerr-McGee case, Silkwood if you’ve seen the movie, he’s been our constitutional attorney since ‘01–He was involved in a project where he saw a document where the were 42 different people on the payroll of the CIA who were senior editor, particular national security people, in the media around the world. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, this is a fact. So, the idea that we have a free press, we have a fake free press. We have a pseudo free media. You can cover the blue stain on the dress for Hillary Clinton, you CANNOT cover this subject. It will be absolutely stopped. The movie makes this not just my opinion, but peope who were on the inside and who actually, outrageously, if you look at that clip, if you look at the whole Doty interview, which is available on our website, you’ll see that he goes to into some depth about the fact that ‘oh yeah, this was a routine thing that we did, and it’s still going on’. The proof of it is that Unacknoledges, when was the last time indie, crowd-funded film, crowdfunded by the public, which is the 2nd largest crowdfunded film in history, that in itself is newsworthy, then becomes the #1 movie on iTunes for weeks and weeks and weeks then rockets to the top of Netflix–No major media entity will do a story. No major interviews in the national media. This proves the point that’s made in the film that this is part of the cover-up! That the corruption of the media is rampant and outrageous. Forget the whole UFO and the fact that we have tech that can get us off oil and gas and coal, which we do locked in a black box in these USAPs, the idea that our democracy and our republic has been completely undermined by these fascists, anyone should be concerned about. Most people have their heads in the sand. What we’re trying to do is pull people’s heads out, have them look around. You talk about the FDA and CDC and all these things. Those would be the minor cover-ups. The crown jewel of the cover-ups is the disclorure of this information: #1 that we’re not alone in the universe, which 70% of the public believe that, but that we’ve been visited, that we’ve acquired technologies that we’ve studied from, not only from human research back in the 20s and teens of the 20th century, but also from studying extraterrestrial vehicles that we’ve downed using electronic weapons and reverse engineered, that those technologies have been fully studied and have been reproduced and were fully operational by October 1954.

Mike Adams: So they’ve stolen our future.

Dr. Steven Greer: Hijacked it. I call it ‘the lost century’.

Mike Adams: They’ve stolen what could have been! We could be living in greater abundance, in perfect health, overunity energy…

Dr. Steven Greer: This documentary and book prove they exist, would completely upend the power structure, and those folks don’t want it upended. They want to maintain the hegemony of the petrodollar centralized economic system, I call it the ‘slave system’, that we’re actually slaves living on someone’s plantation, it’s just not acknowledged anymore. The alteration of the macro economic order into something of this big of a change would mean that every man, woman, child, village around the world would be energy self-sufficient, agriculturally self-sufficient…

Mike Adams: You’re talking about the mass decentralization of technology putting into the hands of people all over the world, yet what we’re witnessing today with the media consolidation of power, the economic consolidation of power, and so on, is the centralization or the monopolization of power and the powers that be are now succeeding through Google, Facebook, NSA fronts, they’re succeeding now in dominating, not just the economies of the world, but the very narratives, the ideas, what you can debate about, what you will be caught saying, searching on Google, or using in Email, so how do we now, is there a way that humanity can overcome that? How would you do that?

Dr. Steven Greer: Absolutely. I’m an emergency doctor and we do something called triage. For me, as a doctor, looking at the triage, what we have to do, this is the top of the list. It’s to disclose this information, bring out the technologies and put them into peaceful energy generation and completely transform the planet. It’s imminently doable, but it can’t be done by one man, or two, or three, we’re going to have to get a lot of people involved, and we’re going to have to get some people who are also going to walk the talk financially. You find there are all these sort of pseudo fixes for the environment. Trillions going into solar and wind farms. Notice those are centralized utilities, and GE and all these big corporations. No one is putting any actual funding into the actual solution because that would upset that whole structure.

Mike Adams: It’s like there’s no funding going into actual cancer cures. They need cancer to continue the cancer industry…

Dr. Steven Greer: Sure. And the more we pollute the planet, the more people’s cancer rates go up.

Mike Adams: That’s right.

Dr. Steven Greer: It’s like Whack-A-Mole, medically.

Mike Adams: It keeps their system going.

Dr. Steven Greer: The environmental way, if you look at the entire global biosphere, we’re doing Whack-A-Mole environmentally, we’re basically spitting in the face of a category 5 hurricane, and it’s just blowing right over us. I mean all the solar, all the wind, all the solutions, it’s too little, too late. So what this movie and book is saying is let’s keep our eye on what the objective is, but to get there it can’t be some secret tech company in Austin or someplace doing a secret energy device because, guess what, the people who’ve done that have had their technology seized under national security orders…

Mike Adams: Patents are always seized…

Dr. Steven Greer: If you look at the movie there’s a report from the Federation of American Scientists, mainstream organization, came out in 2010, 7 years ago, that said that there are 5,135 patents that have been seized under national security order. So most people who work on these technologies try to do the conventional business model, venture capital model, tech model, and they always fail. So what I’m saying is let’s learn from history, not repeat it, and let’s put together a solution. Now that solution is, you know, we may not have the perfect–you know if you look at the movie this Air Force intel officer says ‘yeah, out of one of these interstellar craft there was a about an 18 inch rectangular translucent object that you could run a wristwatch or a whole city off of that was pulling energy from the zero point energy field’, and that’s true. We may not come up with that in 2 years, but we could come up with something that would run your house, business and car with no pollution and off-the-grid and no public utilities.

Mike Adams: Dr. Greer in one of your YouTube videos that we did a story about on NaturalNews you were talking about the possibility, correct me if I’m not paraphrasing this correctly, a possibility the advanced technology that our government owns could be used to fake contact or to create theater for the purpose, I believe, of a mass manipulation…

Dr. Steven Greer: Sure, between 1953 and now, is 64 years, if you look at the 1953 document from Bedell Smith, the CIA director, it talks about the psychological value of the UFO subject. This was around the time they mastered gravity control, they had all these projects going, and they realized the people, I mean some 5% of the public have seen a UFO, so they figured at some point we’re not going to be able to really hide the fact that these around, but we can do a psychological game where they’re either debunked and ridiculed, so that no one in polite or scientific establishment would talk about it, which they were very good at discrediting, and if they do they’ll be considered lunatic. But, if they get through that and believe it’s out there they’ll think it’s a threat. So beginning in the 50s and 60s they began hoaxing events. So the hoaxing of extraterrestrial events using things that look like a UFO made by Lockheed Martin, and my uncle worked for Northrop Grumman, in these aerospace projects where they have these antigravity devices look like a flying saucer, they’re not ET, there are ones that are extraterrestrial, but I’m talking about the ones that are man made, and they will stage events. Then they started, in the early days, they started getting people of very, of certain deformities, or with very short stature and doing like Hollywood costumes and they would go and put these things out and they’d start abducting people. Now this Air Force intelligence officer admits this. That the military, very deep Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, have been involved in the hoaxing and faking of contact events for their psychological warfare value. And what that means to do is to induce fear. And the long term plan as Wernher von Braun said, the man who invented the rocket for Adolf Hitler, the V-2 rocket. The V-2 rocket was invented by Wernher von Braun, his spokeswoman for the last 4 or 5 year of his life is a whistleblower on our team, Carol Rosin. And she said on his deathbed, Wernher von Braun said, they’re going to basically hoax an alien threat to unite the world around a military junta. But, in order to do that it can’t come out of the blue. They’ve been doing the psychological warfare preparation since the 50s and 60s. So what I’m saying to people is that 90%-plus of everything on this subject, on the Internet, in documentaries, on TV is disinformation designed to sow confusion and fear that there’s a threat from outer space. Now one of the things about this that’s always so amazing to me, and it shows how little critical thinking there is in the UFO field frankly, and in the New Age field as well, is that any interstellar civilization that was hostile coming across our little planet beginning to detonate atomic weapons in 1945 could have shut this whole baby down in a nanosecond. Because you’re talking about faster than the speed of light travel, faster than speed of light electronics and communication and weaponization, so if they actually wanted to fix that problem it would have been point, set, match in 1945. They haven’t. And the reason these interstellar civilizations haven’t is that–it sounds like the Prime Directive from Star Trek–but it is. They don’t interfere unless they absolutely have to. I tell people, an analogy people can kind of relate to is: How successful was our implementation and foisting of Jeffersonian democracy on Afghanistan after 16 years of running around in the desert? Not much. So you can’t impose from an outside higher developed civilization onto a less developed civilization, we have to evolve from within. Consciously, spiritually, technologically. And if it’s imposed from outside it’ll fail. But the intel community has seized on the vacuum, the lack of critical research and thinking in this area, to do all kinds of staged and hoaxed events that scare the hell out of people. So the average person I run into on the street go ‘oh yeah, but aren’t you afraid of being abducted?’ I said ‘ well yeah, but it’s not by extraterrestrials, it’s a covert cell running out of Kirtland Air Force base, or out of Nellis, or one of these Air Force bases in a man-made anti-gravity device using these things that look like aliens, but they’re not ET’. So this is that whole narrative that was concocted by the intelligence community. And the public–you know, the movie Alien–the science fiction crowd, the Hollywood crowd, the UFO public and the general populace have swallowed that fake stuff hook, line and sinker. One of the things we try to do in this documentary is pull the curtain back on this fraud.

Mike Adams: If these extraterrestrial, or advanced civilizations are observing us, do you believe that they would, or that they perhaps already have intervened when we have take disastrous steps such as launching nuclear weapons that would devastate the planet itself. In other words, is there a point of intervention that we have crossed, or we might cross?

Dr. Steven Greer: Well, this is a very difficult thing to talk about. What you’ll see is that beginning in the 40s and 50s there was a presence, overflight presence, and reconnaissance presence of every single atomic and nuclear weapons facility, everywhere–not just in the US, but also in France, Great Britain, Russia, etcetera. So obviously they’re very concerned about that, but they’re not just going to go shut them all down. They have demonstrated they can. One of the famous cases we exposed was the Minot, North Dakota Strategic Air Command where there were somewhere between 18 and 21 intercontinental ballistic missile silos were taking offlined and rendered un-launchable the same morning because there was an ET craft out there basically showing, you know, if you guys launch all these, this is in the darkest days of the Cold War, we can sort of stop that. But, I think that people are mistaken, they conflate those events with the idea that somehow big brother from space is going to fix all our problems. No, they were just sending a signal up the national security system that if you go to mutual assured destruction there could be an intervention because we really don’t want you destroying this beautiful planet. Their message was a message of please don’t destroy–in fact, one the captains who was there, Air Force captain, said, the feeling that he got from the event was that the ETs were trying to say ‘please don’t destroy this beautiful planet, but if you go that far we could intervene’. Now, people say ‘then why didn’t they intervene at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?’ I said ‘those were terrible, lost hundreds of thousands of lives, it wasn’t something that would be an extinction level event’.

Mike Adams: Those weren’t thermonuclear.

Dr. Steven Greer: The fact of the matter is these interstellar civilizations aren’t going to come in and try to get involved with these things. They want us to fix it. They want us to fix our planet so we’re peaceful, then they’re going to welcome us in space. They want to fix our environment and they know we have the technologies. They want us to do it. We’re the children of Earth, and we have the primary responsibility, not somebody out there in interstellar space. Now, they’re observing us in case things go very badly wrong. Let’s hope they don’t. But, in the meanwhile I’d say let’s not sit on our hands, let’s actually do this and make this change, this whole transformation, to a new era on this planet happen, we can do it.

Mike Adams: How did you stay on course with your determination and your–you know, you have to have a lot courage to speak out. In that way you and I are similar, although our topic focus is different. You know, we’re both ridiculed in the media, but we both have scientific background and we both present a lot of evidence on the issues that we focus on, yet you’re attacked all the time. Are people just waking up and knowing that’s nonsense, they know the fake news is fake now?

Dr. Steven Greer: They do. What’s interesting is that Congress has what, a 15% approval rate, the media has a lower one. The only thing with less esteem than the Congress is the media. Everyone know it’s all nonsense, and no one trusts them. Well, they should not be trusted. So, they’re turning to other places. This is why there’s such an appetite. When we put this film out–remember this is not a big Hollywood blockbuster film where you put $50 to $100 million dollars in advertising.

Mike Adams: What was your budget on the film?

Dr. Steven Greer: The budget on the film was about $500,000 and we did the whole movie for that. There was maybe $50,000 or so put into what’s called prints and advertising and it was #1–I mean it was beating out $100 million films on iTunes and Netflix. I tell people ‘this shows the power of democracy’. The bright side of this Internet era is that we can do that now, when we couldn’t have done that 10 or 15 years ago. So, let’s use the tools that are out there to our advantage while we can and let’s go to this next step where we put together a healing program for the planet. Health and healing for Gaia. That’s the next big thing that we have to achieve. It’s going to be harder than the informational, educational effort we’re involved with, because now you’re talking with hard technologies and there are very powerful interests that do not want technologies come out that would terminate the oil industry. So, we have to figure out a strategy that would frustrate their tactical and strategic efforts. That’s why I tell people, I’ve come up with this New Earth Energy Incubator. You know, Google has an incubator, Apple–They all have incubator funds to do kind of out-there research, cutting edge. We need something for planet and for humanity that’s an incubator research and development effort. And that’s where I think we need to find the support to do, and we need to find a few enlightened people, or a whole lot of people, to put the backing into that and get that stowed up properly. Our view of it is that it has to be something where from the moment it’s announced to the time you release the technology, it’s all open source, and it’s not secret, and also it’s livestreamed so the laboratory workstations are literally online in real time so that people see what’s going on, there’s total transparence. Nothing held back. Because when people keep something secret as long as month, in that 30 day period, that’s called the ‘killbox’ where these petrol Nazis come in, confiscate your device, sometimes assassinate the people who have them, do all kinds of things. So, you have to do this with the whole world watching.

Mike Adams: Put us on the Disclosure node list. We can be a mirror broadcast.

Dr. Steven Greer: Exactly. It could be a box just showing what’s going on. And then the instant that we would have a breakthrough…But first we have to find the funding. This is not like developing an app where you can have some guy in his flip flops and pajamas sitting in his basement. This is a serious physics, you’re talking about high energy physics, where you’re creating what’s called a pointing vector into this infinite energy field, and you better know what you’re doing. You need really specialized equipment, you need scientists, physicists, people who are materials managers who know specialized materials, you need all these people working together in a laboratory. So, to stand that thing up is going to be tens of millions to maybe a hundred million. But, like I said, we just had a boxing match, where not counting the promoter, the two people boxing–$400 million!–so don’t tell me our society can’t do this. We can! Unfortunately most people don’t understand what is at the core of the secrecy on the UFO subject. And the reason it’s so soundly and so expertly, and these people know what their doing, these psychological warfare people. They really know how to discredit people. That whole secrecy is because they’re protecting this crown jewel of technology that these petro fascists don’t want out.

Mike Adams: I like that term. Let me offer this. We have a privately funded, very advanced analytical laboratory, we do ICP-MS, mass spec instrumentation, time of flight instrumentation and so on. Most labs won’t touch the kinds of artifacts and soil samples and things that you want tested. Our lab is ISO accredited, internationally recognized. I’ll test anything you want for free. Any element we can test, including isotopic ratios, we can look at the ratios of different isotopes. Of course, not radioactive things, please. We don’t need that. Everything else, we’ll test, and it’s right here in Central Texas. Let me off that. It’s available to you and your team.

Dr. Steven Greer: Great, could be useful!

Mike Adams: Absolutely. Looking at the composition of some unknown object.

Dr. Steven Greer: Yes, occasionally something like that comes across my desk.

Mike Adams: We find there’s a tremendous amount of censorship in science, that the only allowable science has to follow these narrow categories. What would you say to people who  maybe are intrigued by science, and maybe they want to go into the sciences, but they also want to be part of the solution, the big picture solution. They don’t want to be apart of this cabal of disinformation?

Dr. Steven Greer: I think people who have the inclination need to organize. It’s all networking. The way that I’ve gone from an emergency doctor to, now, someone who’s getting this information out to tens of millions of people, it’s all grassroots. So, we need to find people who are going to actually support serious, no pun intended, research and development in these areas of energy generation and I think that anyone interested in that area, they can study it, but they cannot do it alone. Here’s a cautionary tale: People who think they’re going to sit in their garage or basement and do this, if anyone listening has a device like this that they’re working on, or one that’s operational that they think they’re going to take on the normal technology pathway, they need to get ahold of us, yesterday, and we’ll then launch it. We have people who can make them whole if they have something operational.  

Mike Adams: And if they don’t, they could end up being gone!

Dr. Steven Greer: There’s a whole team of people who have had purchased the estate of Stan Meyer that had a water fuel car, and what people don’t know is that he had a toroid that looked like a donut that was a zero point free energy system that had a national security order on it. Our team went there and saw it. Now there was a group in Michigan that outbid us, an engineering group, and it disappeared into a black hole. They did it secretly. Next thing I know their chief funder calls me up and says ‘they’re all running for their lives’. Last I heard they’ve all been assassinated and all that technology is gone. That’s all recent. This is all in the last 5-10 years. So, I tell people you have to understand what you’re dealing with here. This is not like inventing an iPhone or something. You’re dealing with something that’s making an endrun at the entire global elite’s system. Much more so than big pharma. Much more so than medical stuff that you deal with. It’s orders of magnitude beyond that. It’s hundreds of trillions of dollars. So, I think that people in this area need to know what they’re dealing with because otherwise they think ‘oh, well, I’ve invented this thing’–One of the sad things I’ve observed over the last 27 years of doing this is how many people have developed these devices, have tried to do the usual business and strategic, or venture capital and distribution plan, and have all vanished. Every single one of them. So if someone does have one of these, or they are working on something like this, please have them contact us and let us put it on a trajectory that will get it out to public. And, if people have invested to get to a certain point, we have folks on my team who can make them whole, frankly, if they can prove it. But, here’s what that got to do: It’s got to be testable, reproducible, and transparent. And they have to agree with an open source release of it. If not, I won’t even talk to them. I’ve spent almost a million dollars of our funds going around the world with people who are brilliant, scientifically, but they have no strategic knowledge, and every one of them have failed. So, you know, I have personally briefed CIA directors, people on the Senate Intel Committee, generals and admirals at the Pentagon, and in every one of these cases what I’ve found is that when you’re dealing with USAP, it’s really a different universe. And people dealing with these technologies need to understand that’s what they’re dealing with. Frankly, I’ve been threatened plenty of times over these years, I’ve had 3 people I’ve worked with on my team assassinated. You know, there’s a former CIA director who was going to hand off one of these devices to us, and about $50 million dollars in sort of seed money so we could get it out, who, the week he was going to meet with a member of my board they found him floating down the Potomac River. Absolutely true, Bill Colby. Everyone thinks it was an accident or he committed suicide; no. His best friend came to me and said ‘he was taken out…wetworks’. It’s called wetworks, assassination team. And, again, he was trying to do it clandestinely. I said ‘no, we have to do this with the whole world watching’. Now, back in the 90s when that happened, we didn’t have Facebook and Twitter and all the streaming capabilities. Now we do. We have the tools now that we didn’t have 10 years, so I tell people ‘let’s use them to our advantage this time’.

Mike Adams: Peer to peer news distribution that doesn’t go through Google, that doesn’t go through Facebook. I have to wrap this up. I want to acknowledge you and your work and thank you for what you’re doing, and I want to let you know that myself and millions of people who will eventually watch this really appreciate you sticking to your beliefs and not being one of those who gives in, compromises, gets bribed, gets silenced because those people don’t matter. It’s people like you who stick to your guns who really change the world, so thank you.

Dr. Steven Greer: Thank you. And, you have to have that kind of vision. People ask me ‘what makes you tick?’ I tell them ‘well I have a vision where I can see past the current state of the world to a planet that is at peace, has no poverty, the environment is pristine but high tech, and decentralized. Completely decentralized. That is doable today. So that’s a beautiful world that we can have. Then we can go interstellar.