Ben Swann: President Obama wants to protect children? Why not end U.S. drone strikes?

It is a subject the national media, quite simply, are not gonna talk about.  Over and over during this debate about guns in America, President Obama has said that he believes that action must be taken to protect the children in this country. And, he says, whatever steps need to be taken, even if they’re drastic or dramatic, should be taken if it means protecting just one more child.  If the President believes that, does that belief extend, not just to his domestic policy, but to his foreign policy as well? This is Full Disclosure.

President Obama unveiled his plan for new gun control restrictions in the United States in light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  The president, among other things, wants strict bans on assault weapons, on high capacity magazines, as well as issuing 23 Executive Orders that he believes will help to, not only protect schools and children, but will also crack down on those who he believes should not have guns.  Among those 23 Executive Orders issued:

  • The call for $500 million dollars.
  • He also wants to provide law enforcement, first responders and school officials with proper training for “active shooter” situations.
  • Launch a national safe and responsible gun ownership campaign, as he calls it.
  • Clarify that the Affordable Care Act does not prohibit doctors from asking their patients about guns in their homes, among other things.

Calls by the President to see no more young children killed in these mass shootings is certainly understandable, but could be a bit confusing when you consider the fact that this President has continued a drone strike policy in the “war on terror,”  one that has resulted in the deaths of as many as 214 children in the past 7 years.  Granted, he wasn’t President all of those years, but the drone strike program has only increased under President Obama.

According to the Bureau for Investigative Journalism, since 2004:

  • 176 children have been reportedly killed in just Pakistan.
  • 27 to 35 children killed by drone strike in Yemen.
  • And, since 2007, 1 to 3 children killed in Somalia, again, as a result of drone strikes.

What you need to know is that the number of children killed in Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen over the past 7 years is nearly 11 times the number of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The President thought that it was fitting to issue 23 Executive Orders in order to prevent, he says, another one of these tragedies, even just one more child from being killed.  But the fact is, the President could issue one simple order to end the deaths of children around the world by U.S. drone strike.  And that… is Full Disclosure.


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