Rosa Koire & Alex Jones: The draconian Agenda 21 plan for humanity

Selected transcript highlights from the Alex Jones Radio Show broadcast from February 1st, 2013 with guest Rosa Koire of Democrats Against UN Agenda 21. Video courtesy of TheAlexJonesChannel.


Alex Jones: I take you now to Rosa Koire joining us via phone. She’s on the road. She’s traveling the entire US battling them, and she’s been very, very effective because on many other issues she’s, you know, what you’d call a “liberal.”  But a real liberal! Someone, you know, who’s more like Thomas Jefferson, who wants everyone to have equality and freedom. The system that calls itself liberal, they are the globalist operatives, using that as camouflage.  And she joins us now. We’re going to break in four minutes, but roll through the basics of what it is, how they’re adapting to our counter-strike against ’em, and some of the biggest criminal action they’re engaged in right now, Rosa Koire.

Rosa Koire: Hey Alex. You know, what we’re talking about here is the erection of a totalitarian state, right in front of us. This is what globalization is. It’s the standardization of all systems. And, so you’re seeing it in every possible element, every possible aspect of your life. From healthcare, to law enforcement, to schools, to land use, to water use restrictions, this is the way that corporations take over. This is the corporatocracy.

So, what do corporations want?  They want low wage workers, global markets, standardized systems, and they wanna destroy competition. And this is what we’re getting here. This is artificial scarcity all over the world, whether you’re in the UK, or Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, EU, wherever you are, this is the globalization of all systems. And, we’re experiencing this now because we have a long way to fall in the United States in order to bring us to the same level as developing nations.

So, when you think about corporatocracy, it’s about developing new markets. There’s no loyalty to existing markets. So, if we collapse into poverty, or slightly below the median for the entire world, that is of no concern to the huge corporations. What they’re looking for is to bring up the very low third-world nations, that they can buy their goods and work cheaply. This is what we’re looking at. This is what we’re dealing with here. This is a totalitarian state being erected because they need to control all systems. Inventory and control.  That’s what this is about.

Alex Jones: And, the cover is, it’s for the earth. But, I’ve been to the smart growth conferences as early as ’97. In fact, we have some bombshell video that Mike Hanson has that he needs to upload to his YouTube channel (my camera guy at the time) where they were just admitting it was a takeover. They’d laugh when my camera was off and just go ‘of course it’s a takeover!’ And, I had some really mean Dallas Cowboy guy, I forget his name, he’s famous, big white guy with long grey hair just push me out of the way, like ‘you bet it is, now get outta my way!’ I mean, they know what they’re doing.

Rosa Koire: Yes, they do know what they’re doing. You know, this is really hard for people to believe. They think, well, you know, this can’t be possible. How could this be going on, for instance, in the United States, a, you know, totalitarian dictatorship happening? But this is what it looks like. People are not aware that this is what it looks like.

In your town, they’re not gonna call it Agenda 21. They’ll call it sustainable development. They’ll call it regional plans. You’ll see it as water and land use restrictions.

Alex Jones: Smart growth.

Rosa Koire: Smart growth, wildlands project, Common Core in the schools, that’s standardization of your schools.

Alex Jones: And they’ll lie and say. ‘we’re gonna give you park land, we’re gonna take this farmers’ land is five thousand acres and not pay him anything, we’re just gonna take it,’ then they turn around and build condos on it, that the mayor who takes it, his buddy builds the houses!  I mean, it’s just unbelievable!

Rosa Koire: Yes! This is about, what they’re doing is it’s is a completely unlevel playing field because they’re using your taxes to subsidize low-income development and high density transit oriented development…

Alex Jones: So that they can raise the general public’s taxes even more! That’s what Bloomberg says.  Let’s talk about that! You’re going to live in a 25o square foot, San Francisco’s doing it too, apartment. They’re going to raise your taxes in an actuary to force you into that. We’ll be right back with the incredible social engineering.


Alex Jones: The UN’s the devil. And, who set it up? The robber barons, the Rockefellers. Alright, Rosa Koire is one of these guests where I just find it so hard to shut up because everything she’s saying is true. Everything she talks about gives me flashbacks of 16 years, 17 on air, but listeners were like ‘have you seen these UN documents? Have you seen the Rio meeting 4 or 5 years ago?’  This is in 1996 or so, 1997.  Cause they just had the Rio meeting in 1992.  So, I’ve been on this forever, and then I know how criminal it is. I’m not up here with rhetoric, ok, calling them criminals. It’s diabolical mafia takeover through zoning, through government, all selectively enforced.  Let’s go back now to Rosa Koire. Rosa, we were getting into these new compact coffin apartments. Continue, this is short segment, breaking down what we’re facing.

Rosa Koire: Great. Well, you know, this stuff sounds great. If it didn’t sound so good, we wouldn’t be falling for it. I mean, who doesn’t want walkable, bikeable, transit neighborhoods, you know? It sounds so great! But, smart growth is the hardscape for your future poverty. It is for a failed economy, and a loss of private property that they’re designing these small apartments stacked in the center of your town so that you, supposedly, don’t need a vehicle. But, the fact is, that you will only be able to go where train line, that may, or may not, exist, goes. And, the idea is that you be restricted to city centers, mega-regions, mega-cities, and you will not be able to get out to the rural and suburban areas. This plan is about bringing people out of rural and suburban areas into city centers where they can be more easily controlled, monitored and surveilled.

That’s what this is about. More and more eyes on the streets. Community-oriented policing is departments of justice. This is about creating more crime, calling it community crime, and then being able to jail more people. Those prisons are public-private partnerships. So, this is what we’re looking at, is a combination of non-profit, corporations and government. This is how government has taken over.

Alex Jones: And, again, right here where I live in Austin, they now have TSA checkpoints downtown and at the train. And, they admit, you’re not gonna have the money to have a car. You’re gonna be on a bike, or in these compact cities. And, guess what they’re doing in Elgen, and in other areas? They’re gonna use federal tax-payer money to build 10-story high rises in the country, make everybody move into ’em. And. they say, there will be a factory off the back “like China.”

Rosa Koire: Yeah, it’s the Chinese model. That’s exactly what it is.

Alex Jones: With the suicide nets, I guess.

Rosa Koire: And, you know, the Walton Family Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, many huge foundations are funding non-profits that then pressure your government, and partner with corporations, to make this happen. This is what it’s about. But, we have power. The people have power, and we can stop it. We need to work together.

Alex Jones: And, by the way, for those that don’t know, globalists all brag, China is the model. And, it’s an anti-human system, not meant to build up a civilization, meant to destroy it to reduce population. It’s not that there’s horrible labor in China before they get built up, like our industrial revolution 150 years ago. The globalists didn’t fully get to take over. The robber barons got beaten back in the 20’s and 30’s and 40’s and 50’s. This is their massive counter-strike. This is their move.

Rosa Koire: That’s right. If you look at who the large corporations are behind this, some them, like Siemens and IBM, are a continuation of the Nazi plan. This is exactly what we’re looking at. Control, management of information, and restriction on your use of land, water, and minerals. And, every aspect of human life is going to be controlled. And, it is in the process, right now.

Alex Jones: And, by the way, once all the robotics is fully in, and they have robots fixing the robots, which they’re almost done with, a bunch of big tech companies, you see the ads on CNN bragging, ‘soon robots will fix the robots that fix the robots,’ they won’t put suicide nets up anymore. They’ll tell ya, go right on up and jump off.  We have so little value.  And, the pig-demon Al Gore, the fake liberal, he’s the guy on the board of Apple who’s made sure they don’t pay people a living wage in China. I mean, what a monster!

Rosa Koire: Yeah, if you take a look at what the largest job growth, the largest industry growth is, over the next 20 years projected, it’s retinal scanning and imaging machines, secure data storage, satellite imaging, and, of course, social networking. So, none of your information is private.


Alex Jones: Now, Rosa, I’m gonna shut up for 10 minutes, then we’re gonna take a few calls for you. But, break down the latest on what they’re doing, our victories, how we beat ’em, where you see this going, Rosa Koire.

Rosa Koire: Well, first of all, I wanna make sure that people know, this is the hijacking of the environmental movement. That’s why I call my book “Behind the Green Mask.” Because, if it didn’t look good, and sound good, then we wouldn’t be going for it.

So, there is a political and social ideology that’s sort of overarching on this, and it’s communitarianism.  And, Van Jones just called Obama a communitarian. He said that we’ve gone way too far in the individualistic direction, and we have to pull it back to re-balance towards communitarianism. What that means is your individual rights are balanced with the so-called community. And, the community can change at any time. What this is about is taking away your right to privacy, to your freedoms, to live where you wish, move freely, and to instate, instead, the power of the community.

So, this is why it’s about consensus, and the Delphi Technique, where you get invited to give your opinion on a new plan in the center of your town. But, if you don’t agree with what the direction of that plan is, what the goal is, then your considered to be fringe, and you are ignored.  That’s what this is all about. It’s about artificial consensus, and giving the illusion of community buy-in.

So, that’s why I say awareness is the first step in the resistance. Because, people need to educate themselves about what this looks like in their town. Because, you’re going to see it called many different things. Your smart meters. You might see it as international code. You’ll see it as whatever that plan is called, Vision 2025, or One Valley, One Vision, or whatever they’re calling it in your town. It’s the same plan all across the world. And, Agenda 21 is the action plan to inventory and control all land, water, minerals, plants, animals, means of construction, education, energy, and information, and human beings in the world. That’s what this plan is about.

Now, we have a chance to fight this. I believe that 2013 is the year of critical awareness all over the world. And, we are really breaking through. This is the year where people are understanding that this is a global, regional, neighborhood plan. It’s global, designed to look like it’s coming up from the grassroots, and it is not. So, it’s up to us. There’s no heroes. Nobody on the sidelines here. You know, we’ve got to get out there and expose these public/private partnerships in our local communities and our towns. We want to educate our local officials, and let them know that we will support them if they refuse to take federal grants for partnerships for sustainable community grants. We will support them. But, if they don’t listen to us, we will take them out. We need to recognize that we have power.

So, what we’re doing is, we’re getting active in the resistance. We’re understanding that you don’t wait until it gets violent. You want to call a halt to it, while you can. So, you want to stop redevelopment projects. This is so-called urban renewal, which actually directs you into city centers. You want to stop them from pulverizing your rural roads to gravel. You want to get out there and protect those farmers that are out there being restricted and regulated to death. They’re putting monitoring on wells, on private wells. What is happening with your government is that you are looking at treason. Treason is happening in every town, all across the world.  There are people who think that they’re doing the right thing. It’s up to us, as the informed electorate, to let our elected officials know, that they are committing treason. And, treason has no statute of limitations. There is no statute of limitations. So, these people will be held to account. And, this is our job. There are way more of us than there are of them. And, we need to expose collaborators, speak out, anti-Delphi these meetings, and work together to break that left-right paradigm. That terrifies those that are in power.  And we can do it. We are doing it all over the world.

I’ll actually be in Texas in March, traveling all across the country, speaking out. And, people are joining me. This is tremendous! We are really getting movement across the world.

Alex Jones: And, by the way, the globalists operate like we don’t read their own websites and white papers. Talk about their panic button. They’re not just freaking out in the Washington Post and New York Times, admitting we’re fighting them globally, they are panicking in their own white papers right now. What’s hurting them the worst? I mean, I guess just exposure. People can go to the meetings, no one’s allowed to even talk. They just tell you what to believe. Or, even if you do, they then certify it. I mean, people understand what’s happening here.

Rosa Koire: Well, you know, we have a series of videos online called “Near Riot at Delphi Meetings,” which are really great! And, the thing is that, people are beginning now to recognize what it looks like because they’ve been told, you know, these controlled opposition people will tell you not to talk about Agenda 21. And, you know, you’re being directed by people that are infiltrating your group.

Alex Jones: Exactly! They’ll say it’s discrediting to talk about Agenda 21 and the UN Biological Diversity Assessment. Don’t do that! That is how they’re controlling people!

Rosa Koire: Mmhmm, that’s what controlled opposition looks like. See, you need to show and occupy those government meetings and talk about Agenda 21 sustainable development. Let them know that you know what it is. Those three pillars of Agenda 21 are economy, ecology and social equity. And, when you see that together, you wanna break that down. And, you want to advise your elected officials that you are gonna take them out if they don’t drop this out. You gotta remove yourself from, what it is is money coming from the federal government that is funding these plans. And, that money is coming from corporations and non-profits. So, what you wanna do is break that cycle and refuse to participate. You wanna be the resistance.

Alex Jones: That’s right. All the big mega-corporations, they put tiny seed money in to get the politicians. They conduit federal HUD money and others, just like ACORN, but in a hundred other groups, plus, back to them, to then let them take over the local government, take over the infrastructure and have their buildings subsidized, and go tax-free, while not letting you fix your roof.

Rosa Koire: You know, that’s right. Hey, it’s not only in land use. We’re talking about education with Common Core Standards, where teachers can no longer teach, where students are being restricted. I’m sure, Alex, you know about those little kids, the six year olds, that got suspends from school for using their fingers like guns and saying bang bang?

Alex Jones: It’s total Soviet mind control!

Rosa Koire: Right! What we’re talking about is actually social engineering and restricting human beings so that they literally don’t know what is right and what is wrong. And, this is how you break down a society.  You wanna talk about a hostile takeover, that’s what this is.

Alex Jones: The authoritarians, I’ve read countless books, Bernays and others, they say. We tell them ridiculous things are bad. We tell them common sense things are bad. We tell them good things are bad so they feel guilty and off-balance and will do whatever we say. They’re giving them a guilt complex. And, again, the teachers don’t know. They’re just given the programming, the handbooks. It is meant to prepare children to believe they’re criminals. It is pure evil.

Rosa Koire: That’s right. We need to refuse to participate. Refuse to give your personal information. Refuse to collaborate. Refuse to pay non-profits. Refuse to give donations. Refuse to volunteer. If you’re a teacher, refuse! We need to do this together. There are so many of us who are becoming aware. We need to stand tall, stand together, and refuse this indoctrination we’re getting.

Alex Jones: How freaked out is the enemy right now?

Rosa Koire: They are so freaked out, it’s incredible! They were thinking they were gonna pull this off! They’re in the endgame, but you know what? We are giving them a run for their money, and we will prevail because this is not going to fly. People are not willing to allow their entire culture to be destroyed in order to be moved into these mega-units and centers of city. You know, your town, whatever your little town is, that is a collector, feeder town. And, that will be closed down, and you will be moved into a huge city. Take a look at mega-regions on our website. This is a project.

Alex Jones: They’ve openly announced it! I’m in this particular mega-region, and they admit, you’re not gonna be able to live in these little towns unless you have special permits. That’s all under the original UN maps where half the country is off-limits. I mean, this is so diabolical.

Rosa Koire: It’s true. But, you know what? We do have them on the run. You know, they’re vilifying me in the press. That’s when I know I’m winning. When they’re actually out there talking about this and they’re saying “ohhh, that Agenda 21, that’s a good thing,” when they wouldn’t even admit it existed for twenty years. Then you know you’re winning. We are out there. We are bringing out the truth and nobody is going to be left behind. Nobody on the sidelines. No heroes. We all work together. You know what, my book is a great opportunity for you to get up to speed on this quickly. And, we’ve got 20 pages in the back on what you can do. So, you want to educate yourself and others as quickly as you can.


Alex Jones: Any other key points you want to relay to people right now?

Rosa Koire: Yeah. You know, this planet is predicated on sharing information. That’s part of Agenda 21. It’s all about sharing our info through technology. This is a technocracy. So, every part of your life is being shared, there’s no personal privacy. You need to break that paradigm and refuse to cooperate.

Alex Jones: That’s why they want you in the megalopolis’s with the face-scanning cameras, the controls, where they can turn the taxes up to bankrupt anybody they want and literally render you down to people living in jail cells. That’s they’re plan. Turn the cities into giant medium security prison grids, while the elite live in the country and are exempt, flying there by jetcopter.

Rosa Koire: That’s exactly right. This is about controlling populations, restricting ability to move freely, and to speak out.

Alex Jones: But, they’re gonna have model, and Austin is it, model mega-cities where the elite lives that are quasi-exempt. It’s so incredible. It’s science fiction movie folks. We’re living in a science fiction movie. You’ve got to read her book. You’ve got to see my film “ENDGAME: Blueprint for Global Enslavement.” This is a stated, on-the-record program. These are criminal authoritarians. You’ve got to realize, they are your mortal enemy.

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    Rosa Koire didn’t bother to mention how she plagiarized, distorted and adapted the decade of research done by Nikki Raapana and Nordica Frederic to make it more PAYtriot friendly and make a nice living off it as well. For the definitive info on Agenda 21 and Communitarian law you need to visit…