Max Keiser & Alex Jones: Predictions on the bond collapse, the Homeland Security bullet bubble & when gold will go hyperbolic

Selected transcript highlights from the Alex Jones Radio Show broadcast from February 19th, 2013 with guest Max Keiser. Video courtesy of TheAlexJonesChannel.


Alex Jones: I bring you Max Keiser. Max, we could be like Argentina, which is where we’re going, or Greece. They’ll still tell us we left the recession four years ago. I want you to break down the latest news, where we are on the defcon clock here, have we gone to the highest defcon yet? Max Keiser.

Max Keiser: Hey Alex! Great to be on with you, with your global audience of millions. Well, as you know seven months or so ago I made a very aggressive prediction of a huge collapse by April of this year. So, we’ve got two months left on that prediction. It’s a very aggressive prediction. What we have in the mix right now; we do have the currency wars. That has become a headline that is splashed all over newspapers around the world. The various countries are trying the debase their own currency. They are, in effect, it’s a firing squad lined up in a circle.

Alex Jones: It’s a race to the bottom, exactly as Ross Perot warned us.

Max Keiser: Yeah. Now, at the G20 meeting, they all explained how this was a good thing, because they’re just helping each others export business, and it’s not about a trade war, and it won’t evolve into a hot war. Of course, that’s false. The truth of the reality here is that they’re still allowing the Japanese Yen to collapse more than any other currency because it provides the cheapest source of funds for these governments to engage in buying each others sovereign debt. Because, since the collapse of 2007, 2008, since the Lehman Brothers collapse, there is one market that has been kept artificially afloat these past 5 years, and that is the bond market and the sovereign bond market. And, It’s been kept afloat by things like quantitative easing and by governments buying each others bonds.

Alex Jones: That’s the bubble you predicted will blow up by late April.

Max Keiser: Right, this is the bubble that is yet to blow up, and it’ll be the most spectacular bubble. Another of the developments since we spoke last is that you’ve got two currencies that have been identified as possibly the next two currencies to go down an Argentinian-like rabbit hole destruction; one is the Japanese Yen, for the reasons we just discussed, and now people are talking about the British Pound. The British Pound was seen as a safe haven. But, now with the Euro doing better, people are pulling out of the British Pound, and you’ve got people like George Soros and other hedge fund managers publicly saying they are now are in full attack mode against the British Pound. And, this means that the British Pounds credit rating will be downgraded. What going to happen here in Britain, and why we moved to Britain, because we knew this was going to come, is they’re going to have to have a full scale currency debasement, or downgrading, a revaluation, by 30% or 40%, which means that inflation will skyrocket here. And, it’s already a huge problem here Alex! Here, the big story the past week has been about horse meat. They have discovered horse meat in all of the beef meat products.

Alex Jones: That’s because they’re trying to keep inflation down, is debasing everything. You know, turning the cigarettes into sawdust, and fake chocolate and synthetic gin, AKA 1984.

Max Keiser: Exactly. You also have a story about Makers Mark whiskey, I guess it is, in the US, has been caught watering down their whiskey. This is an inflation story where you see substitutions for cheaper meats, in this case horse meat, for beef. And, because the agricultural industry can’t keep prices down any more. They’ve gone through their genetically modified organisms series of price deductions, they’ve gone through globalization in the price deductions. Starting 2 or 3 years ago, starting post-crisis, starting with that speculation that we’ve seen in agricultural commodities that led to the Arab Spring and the revolution in Egypt. Food prices and fuel prices, gas prices, are now inescapably starting to edge higher in ways that are out of control. And, it doesn’t matter how much quantitative easing, or any of these other programs, are in place, the wheels are coming off.


Alex Jones: You’ve been over in Europe, you’ve been over in France, you’ve been over in Greece doing live reporting. You’re in England right now, there with your radio show and your TV show. All the details of that are over at But, Max, I mean clearly governments are arming to the teeth everywhere, it’s not just the US government buying, now, 2 billions rounds of hollow point, illegal for warfare under the Geneva Convention, bullets, armored vehicles, drones launching. I mean, it’s not just “hey, we’re gonna become authoritarian,” it’s like “this is a party” or something. And, it’s the same thing in Europe. Just, absolutely, you know, the head of the IMF saying “six days a week isn’t enough work, more money Greeks,” when she’s exempt from the taxes under EU bureaucracy. All the mega-banks are exempt from taxes. But, the general public is still so mesmerized by the gulag casino model, that the 20% or 30% of us that are awake, we’re being demonized. I mean, this is like the world going crazy. This is more than just a corrupt establishment. Is it not the supine, servile, sycophantic public begging to be absolutely financially, and physically, overrun and gang raped? Isn’t that only inviting the predators?

Max Keiser: You now have a generation that has come, and doesn’t understand what financial independence is anymore. So, you have an entire generation in America that is dependent on the government. So, they’ve lost the memory of what being financially independent is all about. And, that’s key. That’s what the people who want to continue to destroy the system are banking on. My generation was the last generation, I think, that really had an appreciation for economic and financial freedom. But, now, the current crop has lost touch completely. They don’t understand that they have it within their own means, according to the Constitution, in the United States anyway, to be independent of the corporatocracy and the government. So, they’ve lost touch completely. How are they going to mount any kind of resistance? They have no idea, even, what you’re talking about anymore. It’s become abstract. This has been going on, quite seriously, for 20 years.

Now, in Europe, of course, it’s a different situation. It’s a very government controlled situation. In France, you know, the government controls something like 65% of the economy. Here in the UK the government is control now, just under 50% of the economy. It’s 49.5%. It’s creeping up higher and higher.

Alex Jones: And there’s never enough, because select corporations want that, because the government then gives them control. I just had an epiphany. And this, of course, is in WALL-E, and The Matrix, and everywhere. But, we are devolving into proto Matrix-like little blobs that watch TV all day, and are very, very physically weak and pathetic, and mindless, IQ’s are dropping. So, for large parts for people, it’s scary to have a job, or invent things, or work. The government’s their mommy, they really believes it loves them. They’re like arrested development, half-wit children who are proto Matrix wire heads, who will be inserted into the virtual reality. They’re ready to plug themselves in. They’re ready to have the government wipe their butts.

Max Keiser: Well, social networking is turning out to being a way to harness the population in a Matrix-like fashion. So, the social media networks are providing data. And, you see this now being captured by large corporations like IBM, International Business Machines, who are using what they call “big data” to harness social networks, to sell into these networks products that they have figured out by using what they call “predictive analysis.” So, for example, two years ago there was a culture trend called “steam punk” which was gathering force on the periphery of the culture. And, IBM figured this out. And, now they’re going to re-launch steam punk as a mainstream cultural phenomenon. But, by then, they will have kind of reinterpreted it, and owned it, and own the copyrights to it, and they will capitalize on it, and monetize it.

Alex Joness: Sure, the NSA isn’t really spying on terrorists. The globalists run those. They know what they’re doing. It’s spying on what the new trend is, like strawberries that I’m throwing out. A fake trend there, just as an example. But, now YouTube and stuff, they’re putting you in your niche, not to give you want you want, they’re trying to put people in boxes to then program those boxes.

Max Keiser: Sure, they talk about predictive crime technology, which gets the headlines. But, there’s another side to this, which is predictive marketing using social networks to figure out where you’ll be, when, and what your mood will be, and and how susceptible you are to what kind of advertising methods.


Alex Jones: The insane arms race of, now, 2 billion bullets they’ve bought, the checkpoints on the highways now in Austin where I live. How much crazier will it get? All this parading around, I don’t see it actually intimidating the awake public.

Max Keiser: I said on your show 2 years ago when we were talking about inflation hedges. We talked about gold, and we talked about whiskey, and we talked about bullets. Now they’re hoarding all the bullets.

Alex Jones: You said, “buy bullets, buy guns, you won’t be able to get them!”

Max Keiser: Forget the guns! Just the bullets! The bullets are a commodity! You know, a gun without a bullet doesn’t do much good.

Alex Jones: It’s like a tractor without gas.

Max Keiser: Right, so the bullets are always the weak spot in this whole theory. And, they are hoarding all of the bullets. The bullets will not be available at K-Mart or Wal-Mart or anywhere else, they’re hoarding all the bullets. You can buy them as individual bullets for $50 or $100 per bullet on the black market. And, of course, they’ll be servicing the black market. They plan to do to bullets what the Egyptian gulag casino operators did to the price of wheat!

Alex Jones: Man, it really is like a society run by the devil. I mean, I don’t know how else to describe this.

Max Keiser: Just look at the economics of it! That was always the weak spot in the US system. You know, they’ve got the cheap food, everything is very cheap there because they import from slave labor in China. But, the bullets, that was always going to be a spot where, if you let too many of these things circulate it would be potentially dangerous. So, by hoarding all the bullets, by buying billions of bullets, they’re going to make a black market in bullets.

Alex Jones: I was about to say! The government is trying to buy ’em up to hoard them, because they’re scared because of all their crimes!

Max Keiser: Look at the black market in drugs! Look at the black market in guns! Fast and Furious! They’re going to have a black market in bullets! It’s the same crooked insiders on Wall Street and Washington!

Alex Jones: They’re so out of control, Max, that by buying 2 billion bullets to try and squeeze out the market, all they’re doing is paying to have all the factories size-up to an even greater production level.

Max Keiser: Well, I think that the factories will hit a wall, and then they’ll start to close down because, just like you have any bubble, you’ll have a bullet bubble. When the bullet bubble bursts, then you won’t be able to buy bullets at any price, because the manufacturing is going to tail off. Just like natural gas fracking in America, natural gas fracking only lasts about 5 years. They’re scaling up to do all this fracking up and down, coast to coast. Well, fracking only lasts about 5 years. It’s not like a well you can tap for 50 or 60 years. That’s going to fall off in 5 or 6 years. It’s a bond bubble! This is a bullet bubble! The bullet bubble’s gonna pop. And, the government’s gonna have all the bullets! You’ll have a gun, but no bullets! Are you gonna put a spit ball in there? You can have a spitball fight with your Mac-10 or Tech-9, or whatever you got!

Alex Jones: I disagree with you. We’ve already gotten way more than we even need. I mean, it’s an armed camp now. I think that the Founders left that little time bomb for the New World Order. I want to take some calls here max, but what do you make of the report here, I’m trying to dig it out, “Central banks buy the most gold since 1964,” and the source on that is the New York Stock Exchange, and the Commodity and Metals Trading.

Max Keiser: Yeah, in 2009 there was a 40 year reversal where central banks became net buyers. They had been net sellers. The reason why is because they are selling massive amount of bonds to degrade their own currencies as part of the currency war. They don’t trust each other, so they are buying gold because they realize that the bond bubbles, and the currency bubbles, are popping and gold will once again resume as being the world reserve currency, as it has been before, and will again. So, the central banks are buying gold. Now, here’s where things are going to get interesting. Right now central banks are floating money to buy bonds. They’re also buying gold. But, at some point they’re going to switch. They’re going to print money to buy gold, and then you’ll see a hyperbolic move in gold, but it’ll happen very quickly.

Alex Jones: When do you expect hat to happen?

Max Keiser: Well, I think my friend Jim Ricker, who I think is the smartest guy in the world when it comes to gold and currencies, he predicts that when China comes out and announces that they have 4,000 tons of gold, right now they officially have 1,500, but we know that they’ve been buying very aggressively for a number of years, and they should have close to, or over, 4,000 tons of gold. Once China says, and it’s known that they have 4,000 tons of gold, which on a percentage to their reserves and their population is critical, then you’ll see panic buying in gold around the world. The central banks will triples and quadruple their panic buying.

Alex Jones: But, they’ve probably already reached that, they’re just keeping it quiet per globalist request.

Max Keiser: I agree. So, I think, as you know, we could happen any day, a massive kind of trap door opens beneath the bond market and gold prices skyrocket.

Alex Jones: What’s gonna happen to places like Southern California when we really go into the depression?

Max Keiser: Well, the price of gas goes higher. We saw what happened when the price of oil went to $147 a barrel. You had people in the suburbs, in the exurbs of California running out of gas and calling the police saying “what do I do?” They didn’t make the connection between an empty gas tank and no forward motion. That’s how unprepared that they are. So, we know what’s going to happen, it’s not going to be pleasant.

Alex Jones: I don’t mean to laugh evily, it actually hurts me, but these gullible idiots that love the government and love socialism, they really are just the dumbest people on the planet.

Max Keiser: Look, there’s a percentage of the population that’s not going to make it past this crisis, and we can’t be too sentimental about it. Make your friends, and do what you have to do, but a lot of percentage of the population just is not gonna make it.

Alex Jones: Yeah, because sucking your thumb is not gonna get you through what’s coming. Folks, if you think things are crazy now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Max Keiser: Here’s a good example. You were talking about being prepared, and being laughed at, and then the hurricanes hit and the people who actually had the canned food actually did very well!