Dr. Edward Group: Nascent iodine supplementation is critical for thyroid health in women

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Transcript from the InfoWars Nightly News broadcast from November 2nd, 2013 with guest Dr. Edward Group. Video courtesy of TheAlexJonesChannel.

Lee Ann McAdoo: I’m Lee Ann McAdoo here with a special health report. Joining me is Dr. Edward Group. He has been in the healthcare industry for 25 years, and he’s an internationally renowned researcher and developer. You’re working on a nascent iodine, and that’s a big issue with women’s health, men and women, we have huge iodine deficiency, but it effects women differently than it effects men. Can you talk to me a little bit about some of the issues that women are facing with iodine?

Dr. Edward Group: Sure Lee Ann, thanks for having me on. It’s a huge issue because the majority of women are deficient in iodine. Women’s thyroid glands are about twice the size of a males thyroid gland. If you look at the amount of sufferers across the nation, and across the world, you’re going to see about every 6 women to every 1 man suffering from thyroid disorder. It’s all due to the lack of iodine. A lack of iodine in the diet, and a lack of iodine that’s absorbed into the thyroid gland.

The reason why women are deficient in iodine is because they produce high levels of estrogen, and they take in a lot of estrogen from milk products, soy products. It works a little differently than it does in men. Even though these disruptors cause an iodine deficiency, the thyroid will start sucking in fluoride, chlorine, and block the ability of the thyroid gland to take in iodine.

So, if I was to take about 5,000 women out there, close to 4,900 of them would have an iodine deficiency. What causes that, or some of the symptoms involved with that, are excess fat around the waste, cellulite around the thigh area, puffiness, low energy levels, hormone disruptions, mood swings, headaches, brain fog, the list goes on and on.

But, what really is the cause of suffering of women these days is fibrocystic breast disease. When iodine deficiency was first looked at years ago, people were developing goiters. The goiter is an extension of the thyroid gland in your neck, and it’s when the thyroid gland starts to develop scar tissue, or cysts on it. What happens is, because the ovaries actually produce thyroid hormone, and the ovaries absorb iodine just like the thyroid, as well as the breast tissue, that’s why we’re seeing a major increase in breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and fibrocystic breast disease, because it’s showing the same thing that happens in the thyroid with a goiter, is happening throughout the body.

Once you put women on an iodine supplement, a good iodine supplement, there’s a lot of different ones out there. There’s potassium iodine, there are iodine that are in alcohol based tinctures, which can actually be toxic to the body. What we’ve done is created a form of iodine that is non-toxic to the body, and it’s in its atomic form. When it’s in the atomic form, the body doesn’t have to break anything down and it actually gets absorbed directly into the thyroid tissue. So that’s what we’re recommending women and children take.

Another thing is, there’s been a lot of problems with infertility, altered menstrual cycles in women, pain with menstrual cycles in women. Not only that, but if a woman is deficient, let’s say she gets pregnant. If she gets pregnant and her hormones increase, she’s definitely going to have a deficiency in iodine. That can cause spontaneous abortions, that can cause mental retardation in children. So, it’s extremely for women, if they’re pregnant, if they’re nursing, or if they just had a child and they’re breast feeding, to be on extra iodine.

It’s really one of the most amazing supplements, or minerals, out there in the world, and yet it’s the most deficient in women and men.

Lee Ann McAdoo: I know for older women, they start to get mammograms, and of course that’s going to really heavily radiate the breast tissue, which is terrible. Will that help counter that affect?

Dr. Edward Group: Well, that’s another good point. Personally I recommend that women do not get mammograms because 2 mammograms of the breast tissue is equivalent to about 100 CT scans. That is just extremely damaging. Actually, studies have come out to prove that mammograms actually induce, or cause, cancer.

With the fibrocystic breast disease, think of how many women feel lumps in their breasts and it’s because of an iodine deficiency, and they run to the doctor and they get biopsies, and there all some false positive rates with biopsies, and who knows how many women went in because they felt a lump in their breast and all the sudden came out and had cancer and had a mastectomy, or something like that, when we’re not really treating the cause, we’re treating the problem.

Lee Ann McAdoo: What about post-menopausal women, or women going through menopause, is there some positive health benefits of iodine?

Dr. Edward Group: Absolutely, because when the hormones in these women start to fluctuate right around menopause they’re not balanced. When their thyroid is deficient in iodine, it has a hard time balancing the hormone, and it also has a hard time balancing the adrenal gland and your metabolism. That’s why you put on a little extra weight.

With the individuals we’ve talked to, the ladies that we’ve helped through menopause, what the iodine has does is it has decreased dramatically the sweats, the night sweats, the headaches, all the symptoms that come along with menopause.

Another problem that we’re seeing is that we’re seeing women with huge ovarian cysts, and we’re seeing women with polycystic ovarian disease. The medical solution for that is to do a hysterectomy, or to take everything out of the body. That throws off the whole women’s hormone levels automatically. It’s as easy and cheap as getting some nascent iodine, taking some iodine on a regular basis.

If you’re a woman and you have tender breasts around your menstrual cycle, that means you’re deficient in iodine.

Lee Ann McAdoo: That’s most of the population (laughter.)

Dr. Edward Group: Yes, it is! It’s like 9 out of 10 women. It’s a bigger problem than most people think. It’s something that needs to be addressed and looked into by every woman out there. It’s amazing what happens when a woman gets on a good form of iodine, and starts supplementing the iodine. So many things go away.

There are women that have breast cancer that are  actually painting iodine around the breast that the cancer is in, and the cancer is going away. It’s a powerful anti-cancer, or cancer preventative agent too because once all those toxins get in, iodine helps to detoxify harmful toxins like mercury, fluoride, chlorine, bromide, these cancer-causing agents that get into the system. Once you start reducing those, and you start giving the organs that need the iodine to protect themselves, then you start eliminating all these problems that women have, and all the trips to the doctors office, all the mammograms, all the suffering that you’re going through with the pain every month, and all the other things just go away.

Lee Ann McAdoo: Right, and then the record rates of children  now that are being born in California that are having this high radiation from Fukushima, the water getting over there, it’s incredible. So that’s going to lower the IQ. So this is something that could potentially help with that?

Dr. Edward Group: I know how mothers are with their children. It’s a disaster right now with children. Not only on the west coast, but even as far as Jacksonville, Florida. The plumes of radiation are coming over, and the areas that are getting the most rainfall are putting high levels of iodine-131, the radioactive form of iodine, into the soil, into the food supply, into the water supply. Children are very, very sensitive. They’re developing, their thyroids are developing. So, it’s really important as a mom to start looking at what your child is eating. Eliminate all the things that can block the receptor sites, like fluoride and chlorine and bromide, which is in white bread. So, if your kid is eating bread every day for lunch, switch to organic, and then start supplementing with iodine because you don’t want your kid to grow up with a lowered IQ, because that’s what happens. They have a super low IQ, they have a hard time focusing, and then what happens? Then they’re labeled with ADD/ADHD, or special child with autism, when really all it is is they were toxic with fluoride, and chlorine, and a bunch of other toxic chemicals, and deficient in iodine.

Lee Ann McAdoo: So tell me a little more about infowarslife.com and the products you’re developing there, especially Survival Shield.

Dr. Edward Group: Well, Alex looked around and did a lot of research all of the world. He contacted me because we specialize in producing a high end, high quality health products that are GMO-free, that are vegan friendly, that are kosher certified, and really just the best of the best. He did an extensive search and talked to me a couple times, continued his search, and then came back to me because we developed a processing method that we could produce the strongest form of nascent iodine in a non-toxic vegetable glycerin base. That’s exclusively available right now at infowarslife.com.

I highly suggest that not only women, but men as well, stock up on this product. It’s something that you really need. You’re not going to get iodine in the food, and you’re not going to get it anywhere else. I highly recommend that everybody stock up on that. I know it’s a quick selling product, and it’s very hard to make, and it’s a very time consuming thing to make too.

We’re going to be launching a lot of other product too for the Infowars and PrisonPlanet team and for Alex Jones. Alex wants to make sure that these are thee best products in the world, they’re the cleanest products in the world, starting with the Survival Shield. That is an amazing nascent iodine complex. When I say nascent iodine, for those of you that don’t know what nascent iodine is, nascent iodine is the atomic iodine, which is the detoxified, perfect form that your body needs. So your body doesn’t have to break it down, doesn’t have to change the form of it. It’s usable, it goes right into your system. It goes right into your thyroid.


NOTE: Get 5% off Dr. Group’s nascent iodine supplement at GlobalHealingCenter.com by using the discount code ‘next5off‘!

  • ck

    Do you have an iodine for topical use

    • STACKS

      Yes, I’d suggest the X2 iodine for topical use, as it’s the cleanest, strongest form of iodine on the market today: store.infowars.com/Survival-Shield-X-2_p_1322.html?AffId=804

    • NoWorldOrder.com

      Yes, I’d suggest this iodine for topical use, as it’s the purest, strongest on the market today: http://store.infowars.com/Survival-Shield-X-2_p_1322.html?AffId=804

      I take it internally daily, and highly recommend it.

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      Follow the directions on the bottle. 3 drops per day is plenty.

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