Ben Swann: Defeat the NSA by turning off the water supply to their data centers

Transcript of Ben Swann’s video entitled “Tired of NSA Spying? Turn Off Their Water.” Video courtesy of the Ben Swann YouTube channel.

Ben Swann: We’ve all heard about the NSA spying scandal. The National Security Agency reading every email, listening to every phone, gathering every text message, on hundreds of millions of Americans.

I’m Ben Swann.

Have you ever wondered how the NSA collects all that info? Well, they have this massive facility in Utah. It cost 1.5 billion dollars, is 1.5 million square feet, and has another 2 billion in hardware and software inside. All of it to listen in and collect every phone call and text message sent from every cell phone in America.

But, is there any way to stop it? Actually, yes, and it wouldn’t take an act of Congress or a Presidential order.

Let me tell you about this.

The NSA has created this monstrosity of a facility in Utah. It’s not only in Utah. The NSA has spying facilities in Texas, Washington, Colorado, Hawaii, Tennessee, Georgia and West Virginia. What all these facilities have in common is that, in order to gather trillions of bits of information, candidly it’s even more than that, on hundreds of millions of people, the NSA needs massive supercomputers.

Now, stay with me.

Have you ever run the GPS on your phone for too long, and it got really hot? Imagine running all of these supercomputers day and night. They get really hot, really fast. So, how do you keep them cool? By pumping millions of gallons of water.

In the Utah spy center, the computers there alone require 1.7 million gallons of water every day. That’s not every month, that’s every day.

So, one group, the 10th Amendment Center, has a plan. If you want to control the NSA spying, don’t go to Congress, or the President, because let’s face it, no matter which party is in power, the NSA keeps growing. Instead, just turn off their water.

The 10th Amendment Center has created a bill called the 4th Amendment Protection Act. They are working to get it passed in Utah, and other states as well.

It simply says that those states cannot provide their much-needed water, and other natural resources, for Federal facilities run by the NSA.

The answer is stunningly simple. No water equals no NSA data center.

  • itsme

    Wait wait, i mean WTF is going on here? Are you crazy, Ben Swann? Don’t your parents have loved you enough, that you seek approvals everywhere?

    Are you really suggesting to sabotage the very apparatus that is protecting you so well that you can’t see the danger anymore? I bet you dream about unicorns, while my nightmares are all about a planet full of talking monkeys killing each others.

  • Lethe

    The NSA? THE F-ING NSA? Are you KIDDING me? You guys are worried about the Federal Government, that has so many levels of oversight in place and watchdogs outside of it that IT is as observed by US as much as we are observed by it. The NSA issue is a red herring. What you clueless idiots need to worry about is private industry. Who’s keeping track of Google? How about Facebook? How about any of the hundreds (thousands?) of so-called data-mining corporations out there? Where do you think the Federal Government is getting its information? PRIVATE INDUSTRY. And you need to be aware that they know more about us than we will EVER know about them. Because they are PRIVATE. In some cases, they sell information to the government. In some cases, they use it for their own purposes. The point is THEY are in control of the information, not the government. Remember, Edward Snowden did not work for the feds. He worked for a private corporation CONTRACTED by the feds. You guys chase your tails round and round about the government accumulating information ‘on’ us; it’s pitifully funny. If you believe that information is power, then you need to start taking a closer look at exactly who IS in control of that information, and you need to do it pretty damn quick.