Dr. Edward Group: The best anti-aging supplement is DNA Force

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Transcript from the Alex Jones Radio Show broadcast from July 30th, 2014 with guest Dr. Edward Group. Video courtesy of TheAlexJonesChannel.

Alex Jones: This is stuff you’re allowed to say, because it’s patented and been certified. It’s now supplements going into the whole nutraceutical realm.

This will not be an infomercial for the next hour, exept for about five minutes of it. But, I am here today to announce DNA Force, ladies and gentlemen. He’ll (Dr. Edward Group) will tell us about that after some news.

My dad, who is an oral surgeon, and a dentist, but also has been involved in FDA-approved nutraceuticals becoming drugs worked in the last year with Dr. Group (my dad quit practicing and managing twenty-plus dental offices and medical facilities because of Obamacare in the last year,) and they developed something that the leading competitor isn’t even as strong and is $600, because, ladies and gentlemen, one ingredient that’s in this costs $12,000 a kilo. The next ingredient costs $7,000 a kilo. The next less expensive, $5,000 a kilo. Another one, $3,400 a kilo. We bought it directly from the certified, patented, FDA approved, whole nine yards laboratories that make it. We had it scientifically mixed at Dr. Group’s factory facility at the highest standards to bring you DNA Force for $134.95 when it should be $600 to $1,000. Because, on average, they mark these up seven times. This is only marked-up one and a half times, and that funds are whole operation.

So, you’re getting a nutraceutical-grade that I’ve been taking for the last month. You think the Survival Shield is powerful, the X2 iodine? You think the Super Male Vitality and Super Female Vitality is powerful because it’s concentrated and cold pressed, no cutting corners, not dried herbs, wet herbs? You think that’s powerful? DNA Force, we’re going to tell you what’s in it.

In fact, I’ve already gotten into it, we’ll get into the news in a second. Dr. Group, first off thanks for being here. You and my dad in the last year have developed this. We have limited run of only 1,000 bottles, and we expect this to sell out in a couple days. The nutraceutical market knows what we’re talking about. Unfortunately, I will not rip people off, so this is going to make a lot of people mad. It undercuts the entire market on this, that should be $600, it’s $134. One ingredient costs us $40 a bottle. It just goes on and on. It’s got a bunch of ingredients in it. This is the absolute platinum standard.

Dr. Group, tell people. I’ve never seen you and my dad so excited. Tell people about this.

Dr. Edward Group: Well, first of all, it seems like we say the same thing over and over about all the damage that’s going on with all the chemicals, the exposure to toxins in the air, in the food, in the water, et cetera. But, when you look at the body we’re composed of 100-trillion cells and if you zoom-in on each one of those cells it would be like a balloon full of water, let’s say, and inside that balloon full of water is your nucleus, and inside of that is your chromosomes and your genes and everything else. Now picture yourself with a 50-caliber machine gun and you’re going boom, boom, boom, boom, and you’re shooting that balloon full of water at 500 rounds a day, except the rounds of ammunition are pesticide molecules and insecticide molecules, GMO molecules, and they’re going in, and all of the sudden the balloon fixes itself right away so it doesn’t leak. And then all of these things that are coming in, heavy metals, that’s the attack that we’re having on our cells every single day. So what happens is all these chemicals and toxins accumulate inside the cell, and you’re obviously going to have damage to the cell membrane, number one, because you’re shooting all these things into it. You’re going to have damage to the intro-cellular fluid, which is really noting more than seawater. All of that effects the mitochondrial function. It effects the DNA function. It effects every single part of the cell. So the cell becomes damaged and toxic because of all these chemicals and toxins coming in and has a hard time repairing itself because the cell has to work extra hard.

In 2009 a group of scientists received the Nobel Prize for anti-aging, or cellular protection, developments when they discovered what are called telomeres. Telomeres are tiny little ends to the chromosomes, they’re on the tips of the chromosomes. When you’re conceived you’re born with 15,000 base pairs of telomeres. When you’re born, you only have 10,000 base pairs of telomeres. When you have 5,000 telomeres, you die. So, each time the cell replicates, in other words if you go back to that analogy of getting shot with all these chemicals and toxins into the cell every day, the cell gets damaged beyond repair and then has to replicate into another cell. Every time the cell replicates into another cell you lose some of these telomeres.

Alex Jones: It’s like copying a VHS tape. You lose quality.

Dr. Edward Group: Yes, exactly. Every time your cell divides you lose quality. So now, with the big anti-aging push to develop healthier cells, every single thing that we need to focus on needs to be focused on the cells. There’s an enzyme called telomerase. Telomerase is actually the enzyme that stimulates production of telomeres. As we age our telomeres start decreasing and decreasing on the chromosomes. They get frayed and the cells die. What you want to do is figure out how we can stimulate telomerase.

Alex Jones: We’re showing Harvard and other mainstream sources. ‘Suppressing tumour growth via telomerase.’

Dr. Edward Group: Telomerase activity, which is a gene that produces an enzyme called telomerase which actually adds telomeres to the chromosomes.

Alex Jones: That’s why we’re allowed to say it. Explain to people what’s in this. Why it’s so expensive.

Dr. Edward Group: What’s in the DNA Force is a conglomerate of things. Number one is it contains a product called PQQ, which is pyrroloquinoline quinone, and that actually has scientific studies.

Alex Jones: One source of that in the U.S., all the rest comes from China. We could have gotten it a lot cheaper. This is the certified super-grade.

Dr. Edward Group: Every single ingredient actually has clinical studies behind it because they’re all patented or trademarked ingredients in there except for the rhodiola rosea and the astragulus root, which has been shown in studies to increase telomere length. The formula was developed with your dad having the original idea to put something together because we all know that our DNA is being attacked. If we’re 100-trillion cells and all of our cells are damaged and toxic we need to start at the root cause of the problem, and that’s repairing and protecting the DNA. It also contains CoQ10 which is a cellular protector. It contains free-radical antioxidants which combat free-radical damage. All those things that we were talking about that are shooting into the cell are free-radicals. They take electrons from the cells. What we’re trying to do is combat all of the damage from the free radicals by using antioxidants, by using things that stimulate energy production, things that repair, and even induce, new mitochondria.

Alex Jones: To be clear, most supplements just have a tiny bit of this stuff in them because it is so expensive. It’s patented. It’s owned by only the companies that went out and developed it, discovered it. This is the Rolls-Royce, Bentley, level of this. It’s an over-the-top formula. Explain that to people. This isn’t hype. This is normally stuff that doesn’t even have as strong, or this many things in it. Our leading competitors were $600.

Dr. Edward Group: Right. You can get a million types of CoQ10 out there. CoQ10 is ubiquinone, but the active form is ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is what we put in this formula. We actually use the Kaneka Q10® which is made in the USA. All of the ingredients are vegetarian friendly, they’re made in the USA, they’re of the highest quality and the fact that they’ve all been studied in their own right.

Alex Jones: We’ve bought thee most expensive stuff.

Dr. Edward Group: We’ve bought thee most expensive stuff and put it together in a synergistic formula.

Alex Jones: Because I want that good “reap what you sow.” We’re giving people an incredibly low price. No one else has something like this. We made sure that this is the over-the-top, absolute win-win-win for everybody.

Dr. Edward Group: I’m excited about it! I’m going to take it too! We should really live to 120. Even in the bible it talks about people living to 400 to 600 years old. What happened between that time? Now, people dying in their 30’s, in their 40’s because when the cells become damaged and they can’t replicate because they have viral particles attached from the vaccines, they have DNA and RNA from different animals inside their cells, they have endocrine disrupting chemicals, they have phthalates, they have all these that are altering the DNA. So the DNA in our cells, each time they replicate, who knows what’s going to happen on that next replication.

Alex Jones: That’s cancer.

Dr. Edward Group: You can trace every disease to, really, cellular aging. As the cells age, and if they don’t get stronger because you’re not exercising, you’re not sleeping, all of these things have been linked to cellular damage, especially stress. When you hear a bunch of negative information all the time, you’re in a constant state of stress, that exponentially decreases telomeres.

Alex Jones: I am in a constant state of stress fighting the globalists. So that’s why all of these products have really helped me through. I’m still unhealthy, but 40 plus pounds lighter, a lot better than I was a few years ago just because the basics have now been provided. I can be exhausted at 5 o’clock, have a bunch of stuff I have to do and I can take the X2, I can take the Super Male Vitality, I can now take the DNA Force, and boom I’ve got energy. It’s not placebo, because I’m a cynic. I only want to promote what I know works for me.

Again ladies and gentlemen, it’s $134 a bottle. It’s a limited amount, guaranteed this will sell out in a week. We have a bet going. I think maybe in a couple of days. We want to get your reviews. We want to hear what you have to say. So, you want to be the first to try DNA Force. When you get it you can research all the ingredients. We know we have a lot of listeners out there that will go out and get stuff tested. It’s all been tested, we have it all certified. We challenge you to go test it. We have produced and put out something that I feel really proud of. Thank you so much for developing this with my dad who’s helped develop some stuff for the Department of Defense. I’m not supposed to get into that. I’ve got a lot of inventors and things in my family. He’s extremely excited about this. He looked at a lot of other products that are out there in the anti-aging movement that’s so popular in airport magazines and stuff. All these medical doctors you’ve got to go to and spend thousands of dollars per month getting things like this. We wanted to bring people super-nutraceutical-grade, highest quality, highest strength, tested and pure at the lowest price out there.

Dr. Edward Group: Again, nobody is focusing on where all of the attack happens, and starting at the cellular level, at the chromosomal level, at the DNA level inside the nucleus cell. The cell membrane gets penetrated by all these things, that’s the first defense. The cell membrane is there kind of like a cell force-field to try to protect the nucleus and protect the chromosomes from all this damage. If you keep hitting it with all these things a million times and you’re not healthy, and you’re not drinking enough water and the cells become dehydrated, which is like a shriveled up balloon, and then all of the sudden you’re poking through all of these chemicals and heavy metals all the time, all you’re going to get is cellular damage. No one is saying “let’s take all of these top nutraceutical ingredients that protect the DNA, that protect against free-radical damage, that are strong antioxidants, that have been clinically studied to help produce healthier cell function, help produce new mitochondria, help present new nerve growth factor.” This is brand new off the press. I had one of my guys at my facility who had a car accident 8 years ago, a part of his back was numb. He had zero feeling in his back for 8 years. He took this and in 2 days he got feeling in his back again.

Alex Jones: I guess that’s because cells are electrochemical. If they don’t have these co-factors they’re not able to basically communicate and operate and basically throw off the toxins, is that an accurate way of saying it?

Dr. Edward Group: Right. The cells are deprived, number one, of water. The cells are stressed out. The cells are full of chemicals and toxic compounds. The cells are not healthy, so when they replicate they degrade. They’re not live and healthy for a long period of time so they start degrading faster. When they degrade faster they have to replicate faster. Each time they replicate you lose a piece of telomere.

Alex Jones: There’s more mutations, then you get cancer.

Dr. Edward Group: That’s right. You get cancer or some other disease. You could get a multitude of different diseases. All diseases are, if you look at the cellular level part of the aging process, as you age. How good would it to be, at 80 years old, feel like you’re 40 or look like you’re 40.

Alex Jones: Patented and confirmed that some of the things that are in here are on record to grow telomeres, to increase the operation of the mitochondria, regeneration, you name it.


NOTE: If DNA Force is out of stock at InfowarsLife.com, check out Dr. Group’s Cell Fuzion at GlobalHealingCenter.com which is the exact same formula with a different label. These are the only two retail outlets online that offer the revolutionary supplement discussed in this video, and are produced in small, high-quality batches that often sell out for months at a time. Pick up your DNA Force or Cell Fuzion today while supplies are still available!

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