Dr. Edward Group: The best vitamin B-12 liquid sublingual supplement is Secret 12™

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Transcript from the Alex Jones Radio Show broadcast from November 13th, 2014 with guest Dr. Edward Group. Video courtesy of TheAlexJonesChannel.

Alex Jones: We’re going to talk about a big announcement first, then get into a bunch of medical news that Dr. Group wants to get into. For more than two years, but for two years with us, Dr. Group has been trying to come out with the most powerful form, for infowarslife.com, of bio-available fusion of B12. This is the type, one part of it, half of it, that people inject (but you don’t inject it, no needles needed.) Other groups just put out, pun intended, synthetic, or the other forms, we’re going to break down those other forms. This is true B-12, the two different types of true. One of them is the type you inject, the other is another type. They fuse together for, what we believe (it varies from person to person,) is the highest absorption rate out there, sub-lingually or lingually (under the tongue or on the tongue.) Others, maybe 9% or 10% absorption with synthetics and you can’t even use it. With this, we believe, it’s as high as 70%.

But, the point is is that this is as close to injectable as you’re going to get. I mean, is that accurate in laymans terms Dr. Edward Group who joins us, one of the top supplement formulators and nutraceutical formulators in the country who we’re so honored to have developing our line at infowarslife.com with other doctors and pharmacists, people who we also consult with, and chemists? Why is Secret 12 so special? I’ve been on it for 4 months, since we finally got the final formula prepared. Again, it’s just all part of my regimen, where I mix the Super Male Vitality, the Secret 12 and other things together and take it. It is simply amazing. When I don’t take it 3 times a day I really feel it.

Dr. Edward Group: First of all, I’m a vegan so there’s a lot of information out there saying vegetarians, vegans, they’re deficient in B12. So, it kind of put me on a research task or study about 2 years ago, really getting into what’s going on with B-12. Is that something that only vegetarians are deficient in, or is that something that everybody is deficient in? One thing led to another, and I’m not the type of guy who likes to have, or prescribe people, 30 or 40 different supplements out there, but as my research continued on B12 I started uncovering things, and uncovering more thing and more things. It led to, kind of like the iodine conspiracy, where I believe everybody is deficient in B-12. Most people think you get B-12 from meat, but you don’t get B-12 from meat. B12 actually comes from probiotics in the soil. In order for B-12 to be produced, you need cobalt in the soil. Well, because of the pesticides and everything else that’s been sprayed on the soil, 60% of the world soil is now deficient in cobalt.

So, looking at that and then looking at all the different things that can affect B12 absorption in the body, what I did is, I said “ok, if there’s something really going on with B-12 what could it be? How does GMOs affect B-12’s absorption in the body?” Sure enough, GMOs, the BT Toxin, burn through the parietal cells in the stomach.

Alex Jones: Just saw a study last week that glyphosates block it.

Dr. Edward Group: Glyphosates block it, that’s one of the other things. So then I started going down the list. Fluoride, all of those things.

Alex Jones: They know what they’re doing. They’re targeting us.

Dr. Edward Group: They know what they’re doing!

Alex Jones: It’s a chemical war.

Dr. Edward Group: I mean, it is amazing how all these things affect. Really, what happens is B12 comes into the mouth and it mixes-in with your saliva. You have enzymes in your mouth that actually bond and hold onto it, so it’s protected through the gastric hydrochloric acid levels in your stomach. Your parietal cells in your stomach create what’s called ‘intrinsic factor.’ Intrinsic factor, then when it goes into the ‎duodenum, or the small intestine, bonds to the B-12.

What I did was I put all the pieces together and found out that any damage to the parietal cells in the stomach is going to reduce or stop the amount of intrinsic factor being released, which ultimately means no B12 absorption. What affects that parietal cells? Exactly what we’re talking about. High fructose corn syrup, heavy metals, GMOs, gluten. All the people that eat wheat out there, that affects your parietal cells in your stomach. So, as I was continually doing this research I was saying to myself “oh my gosh, this is a serious condition.”

Symptoms of B-12 deficiency are fatigue, neurological problems, shrinkage of the brain. B-12 is required for proper blood cell development, which means lack of oxygen carrying capacity in the body, which means lack of oxygen in the body, lack of oxygen in the muscles, muscle twitching, vibratory senses.

Alex Jones: I don’t know if the camera can pick up how beautiful this is, but I have seen the medical grade, non-synthetic, high quality B12 because I have some friends that have prescriptions for it. Quite frankly I was thinking about going to the doctor and getting a prescription for it because people tell it’s had such a big effect on them taking it, especially in the winter, but this is the same color, it looks the same in water, it’s the same thing as the injectable because it is molecule for molecule the same thing. I mean look at that. Just a few drops and it’s that beautiful purple/pink just like the iodine. What is it about stuff that’s so good for you has a purple/pink color?

Dr. Edward Group: I don’t know. The standard type of B-12 that’s available is cyanocobalamin. Actually, cobalamin, that’s why you get cobalt in the soil, cobalamin bonded to cyanide molecule. Cyanide is poison! So cyanocobalamin is what’s in the majority of the dietary supplements out there, and it’s in the majority of the injections that they give you in the hospital. They give you injections because they know most people that are B-12 deficient are not going to get it through the mouth, they can’t process the intrinsic factor properly, they can’t absorb it properly. B12 is absorbed into  your body in the ‎terminal ileum, right there where your large intestine meets your small intestine, right there where your appendix is.

An interesting story that came out years ago by the Hippocrates Institute, Doctor Brian Clement, who went to Harvard Medical Library and went to New York Medical Library and pulled up pictures of intestinal linings that were drawn, dating back to the 17th century, showed a little pocket, it almost looked like a boot, right there where the appendix was, and years and years ago they stated that that’s where the vitamin B  was stored. It was like a little organic organ. And now they’re saying that that pocket has shrunk and shrunk and shrunk and has turned into the appendix. It’s an interesting theory. There’s no proof behind that. But, in order for you to get the proper absorbable kind of B12 you’re going to need methylcobalamin, which is actually  a co-enzyme of B12.

Alex Jones: Let’s explain why this has two different types in it.

Dr. Edward Group: Yes. There’s two different co-enzymes that are usable in the body, which is methylcobalamin and adenosylcobalamin, also known as dibencozide. Those are the two co-enzyme factors. Methylcobalamin actually breaks down into adenosylcobalamin.

Alex Jones: OK, here’s the deal. I’ve been on road trips and gone ahead and done an energy drink, or those little energy shots. It gives you a high, you feel horrible 4 hours later, there’s a hangover. I take this when it first came in, actually about 6 months ago, one of the earlier formulations, 4 months ago the final one, and you sent us about 100 bottles and everybody just started fighting over them, because people immediately felt this. Now, this is more important than my coffee in the morning. Why is this so good compared to other vitamin B12 I’ve taken?

Dr. Edward Group: I think 99% of the population is deficient in B-12. I think everybody needs B12, even children need B-12. You don’t need a lot, it’s only micrograms, but the reason why that’s so effective is because it’s the co-enzyme usable forms in the body, it’s in a vegetable glycerin base so you can hold it in your mouth. It goes sublingually directly into your mouth.

Alex Jones: It’s not synthetic.

Dr. Edward Group: It’s not synthetic. It’s vegan-safe actually too because it’s cultured from bacterial cells and it goes straight into your body and is in the two usable forms. I mean, methylcobalamin is expensive in itself, but to put the adenosylcobalamin in there, that’s $14,000 a kilogram. So what we’re trying to do is get everybody the usable amount of B-12.

Alex Jones: They point is, this is a Rolls-Royce nutramedical level. There’s only a few other brands that are similar, they’re like $100. I mean, explain to people why this is different. You can go to the store and buy synthetic B12 for $10 for a big bottle of it, and from what I’ve read it just does nothing basically, right?

Dr. Edward Group: No, it doesn’t do anything.  B-12 is stored in your liver, so what we wanted to do is put together, it’s a processing technique that we do that nobody else has. It’s a cold processing technique because most of the B-12 that’s manufactured out there goes through a heating process. I don’t understand why because B-12 is denatured. That’s why every time you cook your food, meat or whatever, 89% of the B-12 is deactivated in your system. Microwaving food completely, almost 100%, wipes out the B-12. That’s why I say everybody is deficient in B-12.

This is a particular cold processing technique that we use where we mix the two forms of B12 together. The vegetable glycerin almost creates a capsule around it.

Alex Jones: That is the most beautiful color. What do you call that color? I don’t know if the camera can pick that up.

Dr. Edward Group: It’s kind of a fuchsia or something. Like a pinkish/red fuchsia color.

Alex Jones: Are they both that color when you mix them?

Dr. Edward Group: They are. Adenosylcobalamin is almost the crystalline structure like the iodine is. We’ll have to get some video footage of that for you too so that we can show all the viewers. It’s an amazingly pure substance. The crystals and the methylcobalamin, all the care is taken to make sure that it’s not heated. We put it into the bottles…

Alex Jones: By the way. The reason I work with you Dr. Group is you are so obsessed with the absolute highest quality, double-triple tested, just neurotic level, which I love, because the other companies, I’m not just saying this, because I got deep into this, a lot of them out there just don’t care and just throw crud out. I mean, I work with Youngevity because they have such high quality, but you just go to such a level that that’s why half the time we don’t have the product, is because you’re trying to source it. “Sorry, I can’t get it totally organic, 100% California certified, super-grade, super-totally-undetectable, so we either just take the ingredient out or we’re not gonna do it.” Or, “I’ve got to get the DEA approval for this deep crystal source.” It took you years to get that. You’re just a trailblazer!

Dr. Edward Group: That’s right, when I do a product I want to make sure it’s the best in the world, and I take a lot of time to do it. It took 2 years to do the research on the B-12 and to find the proper ratio, and the way to put it together properly. I sent you samples, you were taking it on the air, that was the secret red liquid that everybody was saying “what are you taking?” Finally, today, it’s launched after all that research in all that time period it took to put that together.

One of the things that people need to understand is that if you’re diabetic, if you have heart disease, if you have medications, I was looking at what blocks the absorption of B12 and most medications block the absorption of B12. If you’re on birth control pills, you’re going to have a B12 deficiency. It’s amazing, of all the chemicals out there, and food products, that block B12. That’s why they spray B12 on cereals. And the reason why they say “eat meat products and dairy,” that’s a big myth about the vegetarians are deficient in B12 because why do you think the animals have high levels of B12? Because they eat grass and they it from the soil. That’s why they have high levels of B12.

Alex Jones: It’s the cobalt!

Dr. Edward Group: It’s the cobalt in the soil.

Alex Jones: So what this is, is this is a bio-available form, a cobalt molecule derivative.

Dr. Edward Group: Yes, this is, as a matter of fact, whenever they first found B-12, it was a probiotic, but they hadn’t even classified probiotics yet back then. So, they didn’t know what to do with this chemical compound, so they said let’s stick it, it was kind of close to B vitamin, so they said “let’s stick it in the B vitamin.”

Alex Jones: That’s right, I’d always hear about how deer had really high B12, and they’re not eating meat, they’re eating grass.

Dr. Edward Group: They’re eating grass. That’s why the animals and the chickens that are grass fed. I mean, if you’re going to eat meat, and I’m not out there telling everybody to be a vegan or to be a vegetarian, but it might help for a little while. Anyway, just make sure you’re eating organic, range fed, wild game, stuff like that, where they’re out there eating the soil and the grass, and they get dirt in their body too, and that’s how they get high B-12 levels, and that’s how you get it.

But, the thing is, what I’ve found in the last 2 years of research is, you might think you’re getting B12 from the animal products, but you’re really not, and the reason why is that it’s not there, the reason is that you’re also eating gluten and you’re also eating, by the way alcohol too causes damage to the parietal cells, so does excessive coffee use. So how many people out there do you know that drink coffee, energy drinks, caffeine…

Alex Jones: And meanwhile, it’s depleting you, meanwhile the soils are depleted of all that other stuff. That’s why they have this RDA that’s so low. Well obviously, you need way more of it because it’s being depleted. But I want to congratulate you, as best you can tell, this proprietary formulation, and I see all your Tufts University studies found 39% of all people are deficient in B-12, you think it’s 90%, I mean, I want to congratulate you on that fact that you’ve really created something original here.

Dr. Edward Group: Thanks, I appreciate it! I mean, it’s just one other thing that we can give the people to help them become healthier and healthier and healthier.

Alex Jones: Well folks, it’s available and it’s very affordable at infowarslife.com, and it will sell out. We have limited amount unfortunately.

We’re going to get out of the plugging of Secret 12 here in a moment, but I wanted Dr. Group to specifically talk about this proprietary product he developed for infowarslife.com. We are trying to produce more right now. We’ve actually had some in for a few weeks, but I was trying to build some up so that we wouldn’t just immediately sell out of it because it is frustrating. His laboratory is pretty big, but it’s producing a lot of stuff. “He will sell no wine until it’s time” as Orson Welles once said.

If you want to get the Secret 12 I’d love to hear your take on it. It’s $29, which for this super expensive proprietary ingredients that go into it. To give you an example, we could buy it from big manufacturers that are well known that are supposedly organic and it would be a bottle of fifty for like $2, and we would sell it for like $20. That’s what the industry does. Instead we put $10 into a bottle basically, and then sell it to make $20 to fund the operation. There’s still mark-up there big time. But he average mark up in the industry is 7 times, we do it once or twice, or 150%. And, again, you’re not going to find anything like Secret 12 out there, period. There may be some nutraceuticals I don’t know about.

Why is this so different, explain that to people, then I want to shift gears into other health news?

Dr. Edward Group: Well, it’s so special because everybody needs it. If anyone has fatigue. If anyone has mood swings. If anyone has neurological conditions. The problem with B12 is that it’s never looked at by doctors. It’s a vitamin deficiency, so of course doctors are never going to tell you.

Alex Jones: It’s like if you have scurvy. They don’t diagnose scurvy now even though scurvy is all over the place with people who eat fast food diets. Teeth falling out, sores all over you, zits all over you, you got the scurvy and they won’t tell you an orange would cure it!

Dr. Edward Group: Anxiety and depression. You know how big anxiety and depression is. Anxiety and depression is specifically linked to B12 deficiency. You can link it to autism, ADHD, cold hands and feet, tingling nerve sensation, brain mis-development, it can be linked to all kinds of things! Just take the oxygen carrying capacity out of the blood and that’s going to cause all kinds of problems in itself. But what makes this so special is the fact that from start to finish the product is not irradiated, which most manufacturing facilities out there radiate their products. It’s pretty much handmade. It’s all done in boro-silicate glass mixing vessels. All the other manufacturing facilities out there, they all use stainless steel, aluminum based mixing vessels. The difference between using glass-lined vessels is tremendous. We’ve actually had to get some of our vessels custom made, just so we can do this to where these compounds are never in contact with any metal. A lot of times metal will deactivate the energy signatures, or the metal can heat up in certain cases. It’s just not good to touch nutritional supplements against metal. As much as you can to prevent it, that’s the best way to do it.

So we looked all over the globe to try and find the highest quality, purest source of methylcobalamin. You can buy 90% methylcobalamin, 96%, 99%, 99.6%, 99.7%, 99.8%, 99.9%. We always get the 99.9%. There might be a difference for the 99.6% might be $6,000 a kilogram, 99.9% might be double that! It’s hard to get those extra tiny percentages. It’s like .9999 silver or .99999 silver. So we get the top quality ingredients, come in, inspect them, and then it goes basically handmade process through our specific cold processing technique to where the methylcobalamin gets mixed in with the glycerin, then the adenosylcobalamin get mixed in with the glycerin, it’s all done in glass vessels.

Alex Jones: Then it gets sent to 3rd party lab testing.

Dr. Edward Group: It does get sent to 3rd party lab testing. And then it goes into bottling, then it comes straight to here for the consumers use. I’m just amazed at what I’ve uncovered, looking all the way back at the soil content and seeing how deficient we are as a nation in B-12. And it’s just like iodine, the same thing. Those are the things that I search for. What are the things that we really need in the body, the things that all the cells need in the body, and what are the things that we’re deficient in, and then try to trace it back to why are we deficient.

Alex Jones: Everybody can see the difference now that I’m on this line of supplements that you’ve developed for us. I still don’t look super-healthy and skinny like you do, mister commando, but you see me every couple of weeks and say “man, you’re looking better!” I have more energy and I’m still not totally taking care of myself. Barely get sleep sometimes. It’s just a world changer. The Super Male Vitality, the colloidal silver, all the line of products, the Oxy-Powder what it’s done.

Did you hear about Rob Dew, was already in pretty good shape in 6 or 7 days he lost 12 pounds, crap in his intestines, taking the Oxy-Powder tablets. He took about a third of the bottle and lost 12 pounds.

Dr. Edward Group: We have people that call in and say “yeah, I lost 20 pounds in 3 days.” That just goes to show you how much compaction people have in their small intestine and in their large intestine.

Alex Jones: No wonder you get cancer! There’s just rotting diverticulitis.

Dr. Edward Group: Every single thing starts in the gut. The immune system is in the gut, everything is in the gut. And what are we putting in our body? Everything that destroys the gut.

Somebody asked me yesterday what’s the one thing somebody can do if they wanted one product or something like that. I said the best thing you can do is support your gut! A lot of times if you have a good probiotic balance in your gut, those probiotics produce a B vitamin, that produce nutrients that you need.

So it’s all about taking care of yourself, eating healthy, drinking lots of water, avoiding all the chemicals that are coming into your system, and taking responsibility for your own health so you can re-activate your body’s own self-healing mechanism. That’s what we’re all about and that’s what we try to do on a daily basis. What you’re doing with everybody is really trying to get the word out and provide them with the highest quality supplements in the world so they can change their health.

I just read a testimonial that came in that someone sent in a few minutes ago, back in the other room here, where somebody’s cat that they were in love with was sent home by the veterinarian to die. It was a Siamese cat, apparently worth tons of money, and the guy had some X2, some iodine, and he said “well let me just try this” and he put 3 drops in the cats mouth and within 2 days the cat was up walking around. He wrote “thank you Alex, thank you, thank you, thank you, you saved my cat!” He’s been putting iodine in the cats water and the cat’s fine!

Alex Jones: I want to be clear about something. I’ve known there’s a war on our food, a war on our supplements, but I got subconsciously kind of, not depressed, but resigned where I’ll just do whatever I want. I’ll eat whatever I want, I’ll drink whatever I want, they’re going to get me anyways, and I went from working out from the time I was 25 almost every day and being in great shape, to being Jabba the Hutt. The first few years is like “great, I can eat and drink whatever I want and I still look great!” and all of the sudden I turned into Jabba the Hutt. So it’s been a long process of getting out of that, but it’s supercharged with you the last 2 and a half, 3 years, where you were advising me even before we started launching this together.

We have to fund ourselves with t-shirts and books and videos that are always about spreading the word. Anything I do has to have a win-win for freedom. High quality, good looking shirt, made in America, well priced, funding the operation, giving Americans jobs, trying to get vets jobs, because I’m not some goody-two-shoes. I understand the universal law that what I do to people comes back on me. People call that God fearing if you’re a Christian, whatever, when I even think bad thoughts that aren’t even my thoughts, it’s my brain looking at things from the enemy perspective, I still feel guilty. It’s what I call that knowledge of evil, that I know how evil works, that is shameful! Do you see what I’m talking about?

So when I get up here and I say “this is the best product, this is the most expensive we could get at the lowest price to you,” I’m shocked to know that 70% or so is a conservative number, of the nutraceutical companies out there, I’m not knocking competition, because it’s such a growing market I don’t need to. I’m shocked that they will go all marketing, all packaging, all glitz, all everything, and now that I know all this it’s crud in the bottle and it makes me so angry because as an industry we should be going for the best so people get incredible results and help people get good karma, mojo, reap what you sow, whatever you want to call it, but it will grow the market faster because it’ll be so dynamite, the results! Doing the right things is is the right thing to do! I just don’t understand why people don’t get that! That’s why it’s so good to work with you! When I get up here and I say this super B-12 Secret 12, that’s my name for it because it was all secret, how you make it, the proprietary stuff, plus I had to keep it secret for months. We thought we’d have it 4 months ago, I’ve been having to keep it secret while I’ve been in here taking it every day when I take the other stuff in front of people, trying to hide what it said on the, you know, on the hand printed bottle. So it feels so good to have fair priced stuff that funds liberty and freedom, to promote 2nd Amendment, property rights, sovereignty, basic dignity, and to be able to fund the operation and help people.

I can’t believe I’m saying this. We don’t screen the calls, callers have heard it. It almost gets annoying how many callers off-topic thanks us for the products, but I understand, we appreciate them, when we’re on other subjects, it just blows me away that we haven’t had ANY complaints, other than in the bottling once, we think it was 20 bottles, only about 10 of them came back, where the machine didn’t fully fill the bottle and we didn’t catch it on inspection, we’ve had stuff like that. Or, “my bottle got broken inside the bubble wrap.” “Oh, here, boom, here’s an extra bottle” or “here’s a free book” or something. Because we’re all about customer service. Used to, I didn’t know how to run customer service, 10 years ago it was terrible. We have a first-rate group now, because people really take that personal when you don’t got your you know what together.

I know I’m ranting here, and I want to get into some other medial news and get off B12, it’s just that simple deficiencies, vitamin C, you gotta have true vitamin C, you gotta have true B12, you gotta have true nascent iodine. It blew us away when we couldn’t even get enough of your iodine, we went out to other parties and said if they want it we’ll get anything, alcohol based. We went and looked at it and it wasn’t even real nascent iodine! They’re just sticking iodine in with alcohol, regular iodine! Again, that’ll help you not be totally sick but we want to, for just the same price, give you something that is just like heads above it!

I had dramatic affects when I started taking iodine 4 years ago. That’s what helped me start to get into all this. Then when I went into your iodine it was just night and day to that. That’s all I’m saying. If you can’t afford X2 folks, go get the sea salts that have the iodine in them. There will still be some other contaminants in it, but it’s better than being deficient. You’ll die without it! It’s real simple. This is not rocket science. I can’t believe it’s us telling people you’ve got to have B-12, you’ve got to have nascent iodine, you’ve got to have it! What happens if you don’t have vitamin B12?

Dr. Edward Group: You die. Just like iodine. And many people have died, and many people have been misdiagnosed. One of the most common misdiagnosis is a vitamin B12 deficiency is MS. You can have Alzheimer’s, dementia. You will literally waste away and die if you don’t have B12 in your system.

Alex Jones: Ted Anderson’s dad, he allows me to tell this story, and it’s such a horrible story. He says “I don’t care, tell it.” In fact, I ought to get Ted Anderson in here. The Beyond Tangy Tangerine from infowarshealth.com, Youngevity, that’s got the Essential 90. You know, they say you only need like 60, but really it’s 90, trace elements, minerals, it’s an excellent product. And, they have the 2.0 that’s purely organic. Very hard to get that many ingredients all-organic as you know.

But, his dad has Alzheimer’s. I met his dad before, nice guy. They like to go hunting, fishing, up in Minnesota. He went on that for a few months and suddenly knew who he was, short term memory was back, they were fishing, his dad was back! The sores all over his arms? Scurvy, healed. They went and tested his blood at the doctor, they had him on, I guess, Coumadin, never had a stroke or heart attack, but blood-thinner, I think that’s the thing he said, and the doctor said “Whoaaaa, you got vitamin K here. Are you eating a lot of spinach? What are you doing?”

“No, I take this Beyond Tangy Tangerine.”

“Oh my gosh, you gotta go off this!”

And Ted’s mom said, and his dad went, within a month of going off of it, didn’t know who he was again, sores came back. And he said “fine, I’ll honor my parents, you just go ahead and don’t do it.” But the doctor said “You don’t take that, and you don’t eat these leafy vegetables because it’ll block the Coumadin.” So, ok, you’re not going to have a heart attack, but you don’t know who you are, I mean it’s crazy that you can’t have the vitamins, you can’t have the minerals! And it’s just simple, it’s not rocket science!

Dr. Edward Group: It’s not! I mean, our water inside of our system is just like seawater. It’s full of minerals and nutrients and if we’re not getting them in the soil, the problem is they’re killing off the soil, they’re poisoning the water, they’re poisoning the air, all the things we need to survive.

But the good news is there’s s a solution, and it’s not that hard. All you need to take is a good, organic multi-vitamin and mineral formula, take the nutrients that you’re not going to get in your normal diet.

Alex Jones: So Beyond Tangy Tangerine, Secret 12

Dr. Edward Group: Iodine, and any type of herbal formula to assist anything else that you need help with.

Alex Jones: What about folks that are really poor, even though our stuff is fairly priced, very effectively priced, reasonably priced to be competitive and high quality, what can a poor person do to get their essentials? Obviously eat the orange peel?

Dr. Edward Group: The thing is, people ask me that question all the time. I always ask them “How many pairs of shoes do you buy? How many new shirts do you buy? What do you spend your money on?” The thing is, if you change your life. How much does being sick cost you? Being sick costs people a lot of money! It costs their family time, suffering, depression, anxiety, they go back and forth to the doctor which costs them gas. If you look at the pricing and cost of “sick care” it’s a lot more than the pricing and cost of “health care!”

Alex Jones: There’s a lot of game now sold in stores now, so I guess you could get real game will have vitamin B-12 in it. I guess you can get, from an orange peel or whatever, for mega-dosages, rose hips are super cheap, I guess you could get…

Dr. Edward Group: Well you could go to your local farmers market, every single town has one. Or, find a farmer that’s growing organically in town.

Alex Jones: What’s the best salt to get iodine if you can’t afford this?

Dr. Edward Group: Himalayan crystal salts. Himalayan crystal salt is what I use. It has 84 minerals and nutrients in it.

Alex Jones: So the poor mans Beyond Tangy Tangerine is Himalayan salt.

Dr. Edward Group: Yes. The poor mans Beyond Tangy Tangerine is Himalayan salt. I’ll tell you another really, really good nutrient source that I use, and this is all that I drink.

Alex Jones: We’re just trying to help people that can’t…

Dr. Edward Group: Yeah, yeah, exactly, you can get this for $4 and get pretty much all the nutrients you need, it’s raw, organic apple cider vinegar.

Alex Jones: Oh yeah, you got me on that, and that’s what I’ve been forgetting to take. I need to take that.

Dr. Edward Group: Put a tablespoon or a teaspoon, or however much you can handle, in some distilled water.

Alex Jones: That’s the best probiotic?

Dr. Edward Group: And you’re going to get all kinds of nutrients, minerals, probiotics in there, enzymes in there. Another big problem is we don’t secrete enough enzymes in our bodies to help us digest foods.

Alex Jones: Chew your food well.

Dr. Edward Group: Chew your food well, that’s really important. I tell people all the time to chew their food until it’s a liquid before they swallow it.

Alex Jones: My dad always said that, “Chew your food! Chew your food!” I still don’t, I act like a wolf.

Dr. Edward Group: Well usually people in the military wolf their food down because you only have a certain amount of time to eat. At least those were my eating habits when I was in the military because they were like “You have 10 minutes to eat this and we would be like *stuffs face*.”

Alex Jones: Well I was about to say, I used to be pretty well behaved. My mom was always about “be gentlemen and have good manners.” So I could go eat at all the rich peoples houses and they’d all be impressed. Now I eat like a barbarian. I’m trying to train myself again because I have kids, so they’re not like little pigs, you know, like the pig family. I mean that in a cute way. But, yeah, having to eat during a couple 3 minute breaks, that’s what really screwed my gut up too because I wasn’t digesting.

Dr. Edward Group: I did a report on how people eat nowadays and found out that the majority of people eat in the sympathetic state. You have a parasympathetic nervous system and a sympathetic nervous system. They sympathetic is your fight or flight response. When you’re in the sympathetic state, and that means eating while you’re driving, eating while you’re talking on the phone, eating while you’re watching tv, eating while you’re on the computer at work. I have a list of all those things.

Alex Jones: Well that’s why the bible it says, I forget the passages. You’re supposed to sit down, pray, be calm, and take a long time eat as a family.

Dr. Edward Group: And so what happens is your digestion comes to a halt when you’re in the sympathetic state. When you eat in the sympathetic state.

Alex Jones: And the way we used to eat dinner, it was almost like meditation, it was a big ritual. That ritual is gone! They’ve destroyed it. Sit in front of the television. Oh my gosh, it’s such a conspiracy.

I’m not going to belabor this anymore, but Secret 12 really is. Do you believe from your research, putting this out, this is the best vitamin B12 supplement out there?

Dr. Edward Group: No doubt! I don’t put out anything that’s not the best, that’s just the way we are.

Alex Jones: What should the headline on this interview be then, when we put it on YouTube? “You will die without B12?”

Dr. Edward Group: Well, that’s true, you will, I mean. I don’t know, whatever the best headline would be. “Everybody needs B-12 whether you think so,” your doctor doesn’t even know you need B-12.

Alex Jones: How about “The B-12 conspiracy?”

Dr. Edward Group: “The B-12 conspiracy,” there’s definitely a lot that goes on. The supplier of potatoes that supplies McDonalds for their french fries, the USDA and the FDA just approved the new GMO potato for the supplier. So pretty soon all the McDonalds french fries are going to be with the new GMO potato.

Alex Jones: And by the way, they had top scientists come out and said “that potato is dangerous.”

Dr. Edward Group: That potato is seriously dangerous. They also just approved a form of alfalfa too, a GMO form of alfalfa. The good thing is, at least people are stepping up. Right now, again, Monsanto, they wrote an article about me the other day about how much I was a quack. The Oregon vote that’s going on right now.

Alex Jones: Monsanto wrote an article about you?

Dr. Edward Group: Yeah, they did. On one of their farm blogs just the other day.

Alex Jones: Yeah, well that’s like Satan saying that the Apostle Paul was a bad guy. Monsanto has got about the lowest rating out there. I mean, you are a kook!

Dr. Edward Group: Monsanto is like the Devil, dating back to Agent Orange, and now all the pesticides.

Alex Jones: Dioxins.

Dr. Edward Group: Dioxins that are killing the soil. It really all goes back to the soil. Somebody asked me, “Well how come there’s some areas like the Hunza People, and some people that live in the mountains that aren’t deficient in everything and they’re still exposed to toxic air and water?” I said “because everything comes back to the soil!” What they do is they take care of their soil! They use their own urine to fertilize the soil. There’s some cultures in Siberia that soak the seeds in their mouths and the seeds literally read what their body is deficient of and they plant them. That’s verified in Siberia. These cultures, they’re really tight knit, they use all their feces, everything goes back into the soil, to build the soil, and as long as the soil is healthy and the soil is mineralized, the plants will grow what you need to survive. See, that’s the problem. We’ve gone from community growing and everybody working together using the, recycling everything, whether it’s your urine or your feces or whatever, recycling it into the soil to spraying chemicals. The agricultural society is just as bad as the pharmaceutical. It’s done by design. The pharmaceutical companies are designed to poison you with pharmaceutical drugs. The agricultural society is designed to poison the earth with chemicals and drugs.

Alex Jones: And the know what they’re doing is killing the soil!

Dr. Edward Group: They know. Because if you kill the worms you kill the probiotics in the soil. That’s what recycles and aerates the soil and keeps all the vitamins and the minerals and the nutrients.

Alex Jones: Have you seen Interstellar?

Dr. Edward Group: No, I haven’t seen it yet.

Alex Jones: Well, that’s basically what happens is a blight, a fungus gets in the atmosphere and takes all the oxygen out of the earth. That’s basically what they’re trying to do. These people are out of control.

Dr. Edward Group: I mean, the millions and millions and millions of forest that have been cut down, that’s exactly what’s happening. We’ve gone from 30% oxygen in the air to down to about 6% to 9%.

Alex Jones: And now they want to cut carbon dioxide that the plants breathe. Again, Secret 12 folks.


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