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Transcript from the Alex Jones Radio Show broadcast from March 23, 2015 with guest Dr. Edward Group. Video courtesy of TheAlexJonesChannel.

Alex Jones: Dr. Group has developed Winter Sun™ ultra vitamin D3. But, even if you’re not going to buy this from us, that isn’t even really what matters.

The point is Cass Sunstein came out six years ago, the White House Regulation Czar, and said “we want laws banning saying that you need sunlight or vitamin D.” Just bizarre. You’ll die without vitamin D.

It’s one of those super-nutrients that so many people out there are deficient in. Most folks don’t even get enough sun in the summer. So, hence, ‘Winter Sun™’. Sun in the winter.

Before we get into vitamin D and how important it is, and some other breaking health news today with Dr. Group, I just want to get the plugging done up front, and I really want to thank all of you for being supporters of infowarslife.com. Your purchases of the product fund the operation and our entire media systems. So thank you, first.

This really is revolutionary, concentrated, organic vitamin D3. We’re also going to be warming you about vitamin D2. That is what most people are getting out there. You have to understand that I could get vitamin D2 for $1 for the product and maybe $0.30 or $0.40 for the bottle. Instead, we’re talking $10.00 or more into a bottle of this vitamin D3. This is truly nutraceutical, pharmaceutical-type grade. It’s the real deal. That’s why our vitamin B12, Secret 12™, is so powerful. That’s why the X2™ nascent iodine is so powerful. You’ve heard the rave reviews for the Oxy Powder & the Super Male Vitality and Super Female Vitality. It’s concentrated. It’s organic. It’s cold-pressed.

Before we get into vitamin D3 and why it’s so important, why is this so special from the organic lichens? It took you years to finally be able to get an organic source to be able to produce enough of this, so we have a limited run. That’s one problem with the products is, to get these materials sometimes it’s hard, but we’re trying. Winter Sun™, Dr. Group, tell us about it.

Dr. Edward Group: Really, the way that I look at things are, I don’t want people on tons of different vitamins. My research, more or less, goes into what is deficient? What are the things that almost every single person on the planet is deficient in? That’s what lead me to iodine, that’s what lead me to Secret B12, because pretty much everybody is deficient in iodine and vitamin B12.

For the last year there’s been a lot of information coming out on vitamin D. So, I wanted to do the research. This has been going on for about 2 or 3 years. Finally we were able to find a source, a lichen source, of D3 and actually produce it. That’s the launch today of the Winter Sun™. But, what I wanted to do was actually go into a little bit of a background and let people know some of this information that I discovered.

First you find a deficiency. Then, what I do, is why is there a deficiency? Why are so many people deficient in this vitamin? Then the third thing is, how can we correct this deficiency?

Alex Jones: I remember reading that aren’t lichens some of the oldest creatures on the planet? It’s like a plant-like creature that grows on rocks?

Dr. Edward Group: Well, lichens grow on trees, they grow on rocks.Vitamin D, actually, is the oldest hormone. It’s really not even a vitamin, it’s a hormone. It was originally found to be produced by phytoplankton. Even back in 1849 they were using cod liver oil to treat tuberculosis. That was really attributed to vitamin D. Then the research continued and around 1915 they were doing studies on Navy officers and they found that the Navy officers that were working indoors were 8-times more likely to develop forms of cancer.

Alex Jones: Let’s talk about this straight ahead. I want you to give us the whole history, re-cap it. Why are people so deficient, and why does the government, well, Obama, not want us to get it? The government are obsessed with saying “don’t get sunlight” and “don’t take vitamin D” and suppressing studies about it. Why? Well, the same reason the put fluoride in the water. Because, you’ll be more awake, more conscious, more happy, if you have vitamin D3.

Am I selling vitamin D3? Absolutely! Do I take vitamin D3? Absolutely! See, it’s a win-win-win-win-win. I’m not going to keep belaboring buying Winter Sun™ from infowarslife.com. We’re getting into the spring in some areas now, but in my experience most people don’t get enough sun in the spring and summer, and then in the fall and winter it is essential.

So, Winter Sun™. It’s definitely got the best packaging of anything we’ve put out so far, and it’s amazing. It goes very well with the vitamin B12, Secret 12™, infowarslife.com & infowarsstore.com, or 888-253-3139. I’m not going to belabor that any more.

Dr. Group, re-cap. Start back over with the history because you got cut off by the break. Go through what’s happening with vitamin D3, the difference between vitamin D2, and why you think they’re suppressing this, and why Cass Sunstein is so obsessed with trying to keep it from the public.

Dr. Edward Group: There has definitely been a suppression. There’s no doubt about it. The government really recognized the importance of sunlight, actually, in 1931 and they reccomended sunlight for health. And, even in 1934 Schlitz Beer actually fortified their beer with vitamin D, and then the FDA banned them from doing that in 1937.

Around 1940 is when there was so much research coming out that vitamin D and sunlight was actually good for you, and that lasted until 1950. Right around 1950, that’s when the dermatologist, and the doctors for that matter, started coming out and saying that they did not recommend sun and that sunlight was actually damaging.

It’s interesting that right around that time was when Coppertone came out with the first synthetic sunscreen which was heavily marketed. That was in the 1950s. So, there was a big campaign and throughout the 1950s against the sun and against you getting the natural D because they realized from the 1930s to the 1950s how important vitamin D production was.

They also knew that you really couldn’t get enough vitamin D through the foods that you were eating and that you really needed to be out in the sun. What happens is, when you’re out in the sun, the sun hits your skin and you have a cholesterol-type molecule in your skin and that produces vitamin D and then that actually has to go be processed into the liver to create what’s called 25-hydroxy, which is D3, and then it goes and gets processed in the kidneys, the kidneys activate the D3, and then it goes back into the intestines, then it goes back into your bloodstream.

Moving forward with what’s happened in society, when you actually are in the sun it takes, the D3 that you produce in the sun lasts 2 to 3 times longer than if it’s consumed in your body. As a matter of fact, now they know that 2,000 genes in your system have been identified that are regulated by vitamin D.

I’m not one to prescribe a lot, and I thought that everyone was iodine deficient, but I know now for a fact that I’m still continuing, there’s 50,000 abstracts on vitamin D, continuing to do research on this subject. Not only are you going to be vitamin D deficient in the winters anymore, but I’m telling you that the whole world is pretty much vitamin D deficient. This global warming thing, if global warming was really happening then there would be more sunlight and then there would probably be less cases of vitamin D deficiency.

Here’s what happened in the introduction of fossil fuels and chemicals from the 1950s and 1960s. We activate vitamin D with the UV-B rays. The UV-B rays are really only going to be out from 10am to 3pm. Those are the only times during the day.

I used to say you need to get your sunlight early in the morning or late in the afternoon. What I’m finding out is early in the morning and late in the afternoon when the sunlight rays are bent at such a strong angle, that’s usually the UV-A rays, not the UV-B rays. So, now we know the best time to get vitamin D production is going to be between 10am and 3pm.

But, what’s happened is, this is why it’s not just in the winter, is the introduction of air pollution with the fossil fuels, the chemicals, everything that’s being released into the air, and the smog that it’s creating, which are actually blocking or reflecting the UV-B rays. That also ties in to the geo-engineering, and it also ties into the excessive amount of chemtrail use.

Yes, there’s an attack in vitamin D because you’re not going to get enough in the foods that you eat, everybody needs to be on it, but they’re also creating, blocking the UV-B rays to create vitamin D deficiency.

Alex Jones: Let me go further. You can actually search “NASA Earth is now darker from condensation trails.” Whether you call them chemtrails or condensation trails, they admit the earth was 20% something a decade ago, now they say the earth is 30% darker. There’s the Guardian. “Earth is 20% darker, say experts.” And, again, that’s climate science Jim Hansen Goddard Institute at NASA. That was back in 2003. The latest numbers, and the guys can pull those up, going from memory, is 31% darker. It’s accelerating.

We’re talking about terraforming, bizarre sounding stuff here. This is really going on! Why would the White House Science Czar come out and push for restricting it, and why would the White House Regulation Czar come out and say ban people saying sunlight is good for you? Is that just setting the bar so high, they’re the boss and that they can control reality like Karl Rove said? Why are they so obsessed with blocking sunlight or vitamin D3?

Dr. Edward Group: Well, again, it’s a hormone. I’m going to explain a lot of the things that happen in the body here in a second.

First of all, every single tissue and cell in your body has a vitamin D receptor just like iodine. They know now, there was actually a study done in Boston that showed you could make zero vitamin D from November to February. If you draw a line from Atlanta, Georgia right across the southern United States, anything above that line you’re not going to be able to make any vitamin D.

Also, there’s increased (chemtrails) spraying usually in the southern states. There was even a study done on life guards in the Florida that were in the sun all day every day and their vitamin D levels were right at about 100 nanograms per milliliter. The normal D levels in your blood, I think, should be about 50 nanograms per milliliter. The normal medical range is anything between 30 to 100 nanograms per milliliter.

Recently they’ve tested people that were out in the sun in Nepal in India. They’re in the sun all day long. They’re still showing deficient vitamin D levels.

What happened too is the push for everybody to wear sunscreen. Not only are the sunscreens toxic and have cancer-causing compounds in them. You could apply it one day and it’s still going to be on your skin even if you take a shower, and it reduces your vitamin D production for 2 to 3 days by up to 98%.

Alex Jones: It’s unbelievable. This is the vitamin D3 conspiracy. Then we’ve got the problem of most vitamin D that’s out there, that’s supplemented in foods and things, is vitamin D2. Explain to people the difference.

Dr. Edward Group: Vitamin D2, most of it is synthetic actually. It’s ergocalciferol. That’s what you’re going to find in the majority of supplements. D2 is found naturally in mushrooms. D3, which is the vegan form, you’re going to find in lichen, which is what we used to do the extraction so we could create the Winter Sun™ which is just the best way in the world to get your vitamin D levels up.

In a D3 form it’s easily absorbable, it’s easily broken down by the liver and the kidneys. It’s a vegetable glycerin base and it come from lichens so it’s a vegan source so you don’t have to worry about cod liver oil, the fish oils which are contaminated with mercury, plus it’s a stress on the environment and everything else.

Alex Jones: Let’s get into, because I have a Mercola article here, “Vitamin D deficiency linked to depression, pain, inflammatory bowel disease, and breast cancer.”

Dr. Edward Group: Right now you even have 50 million teens that are deficient in vitamin D. Here’s some of the things that vitamin D is linked to. Increases the risk of chronic disease and cancer, it weakens the bodies immune system, infertility. We talk about the sterility and infertility things out there, vitamin D deficiency is one of the things that causes poor birth outcomes, low birth weight.

One of the strange things about that is I actually pulled a study up on caesarean sections, and women that were deficient in vitamin D there was a 400% increase in c-sections instead of natural births. It also increases the risk of death from issues like cancer like you said, it gives you the feeling of loss of energy in the afternoon. Really, vitamin D effects the muscles, the joints, and the bones. Osteoarthritis is linked to D deficiency, rheumatoid arthritis.

There was a guy, actually, that took mega-doses. He had all kinds of injuries. Torn ligaments, bone spur s all over his body. He was a martial arts and athletic superstar. He actually wrote a book on mega-dosing vitamin D. His name was Jeff Bowles or something like that. He took 20,000 to 50,000 IUs of vitamin D a day and what happened was his experience is the body actually recognized everywhere that it had been injured. He had spinal injuries, joint injuries everywhere. About the third week he was on high levels of vitamin D the body actually re-injures or breaks down those injuries, because the injuries, if you don’t have enough vitamin D and nutrients and calcium, heal the wrong way. He actually experienced the pain all over again for 2 or 3 days of every place he had injured himself. Then what happened, over a period of 3 months, all of those injuries completely went away and fixed themselves. And that was only with vitamin D.

Alex Jones: It’s Jeff T. Bowles. Really what you’re saying is it’s the ultimate building block in the body, and that’s what medical doctors have told me. They told me that if you don’t have enough vitamin D3, it doesn’t matter how much exercise or eating the right stuff because your body can’t even absorb it, your cells can’t get it in.

Dr. Edward Group: Right, and a lot of the cases out there with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, it’s usually nothing more than a vitamin D deficiency. You can link vitamin D to depression, mental illness, diabetes.

Alex Jones: Let me as you this. You’re saying all this, and anybody watching on TV Right now can see that we’re putting mainstream news articles up constantly. Radio listeners can go to infowars.com/show if you want to see the feed. That added level of documentation. This is well known. You mentioned Schlitz from the 30’s. We pulled it up, found mainstream news about Schlitz with vitamin D that the FDA made them take it out. Why would the FDA want beer makers to not add key vitamins? I just don’t get it.

Dr. Edward Group: There’s only one reason, really! It’s because if you’re vitamin D deficient, let’s say you have enough vitamin D, then you’re talking about a massive blow to the pharmaceutical companies because heart disease, stroke, cancer.

Alex Jones: Well I’ve got to give it to Schlitz, they called it sunshine beer. Vitamin D3, that’s smart.

Dr. Edward Group: That’s right. Actually, their advertising campaigns were “Get your vitamin D all year round.” You don’t just need it in the winter. That’s just one example. There were multiple examples of people that were fortifying things in foods and drinks that were then ordered to stop. It had to do with that fact that it was a threat to the pharmaceutical companies and a fact that they knew that the bodies immune system and the bodies self-healing mechanism would be activated with vitamin D, just like iodine. They knew that if they created a society that was vitamin D deficient there would be a whole list of diseases because every cell in the body depends on it.

What I’m finding out now is that whatever the receptors for every single cell in the body are, that ever single cell has, like iodine receptors and D receptors, those are the things that the globalists are attacking and preventing your from receiving because if your cells become damaged your body becomes damaged and then you become easily controllable.

Alex Jones: A 100%! That’s why they add the fluoride, all of it. It’s just amazing.

Dr. Edward Group: One big huge thing that I found out is how people do you know that have skin problems? Psoriasis, everything? Well, there was a doctor from Boston University, one of the biggest doctors that studied vitamin D. He’s written a couple books on it, Dr. Holick. He was talking to all the dermatologists. They sent him all of their hardest cases. They tried corticosteroids, they tried all the different topicals. Nothing worked. He said I want to just try to apply topical D3 and see what happens. The hardest cases that where every single thing was tried for 3 years, he did a placebo cream and then he did a D3 cream, and 92% of the people with psoriasis skin conditions cleared up just with th application of D3 on their skin.

Alex Jones: Winter Sun™, you support the info war, you get a good price and it’s extremely concentrated, infowarslife.com, infowarsstore.com or 888-253-3139. The infomercial part of this is just us plugging our product. Regardless folks, moderate sunlight, vitamin D3, organic source, you need it just like iodine. You’ll die without it. The globalists are scum. To defeat them we’ve got to filter our water and start getting the proper nutrients. When we come back I’m going to ask Dr. Group why he thinks overall they’re doing this and what will happen if the public in mass begins to take vitamin D3.

Dr. Group, this formulation you made is 2,000 IUs in one dropperfull, approximately 30 full servings per container. How did you end up making this so strong?

Dr. Edward Group: Well, it wasn’t easy. I think the minimum that every single person should be taking on a daily basis is 2,000 IUs. That was really what we were trying to get at. Right now I’m taking 20,000 IUs a day because I have, I’m actually going through and testing it on myself because I have injuries from athletics and everything. So, I’m seeing how it works.

Another thing is, with children, children really need to be on vitamin D. Their bones are growing, their joints are growing and I think the minimum children should be on is about 1,000 IUs a day. Not only is it necessary for adults, but especially necessary for children.

Alex Jones: That’s what I’m doing. I give my children a half a dropperfull, not a full one.

Dr. Edward Group: Yes, that’s 1,000 IUs and there’s a marker on there as well. Really, what I did was look at all the sources out there, and the majority of sources, like you said earlier, synthetic. I mean, most of things that you get in the store are going to be cod liver oil based, or they’re going to be synthetic forms. What I wanted to do is go to the plants, look at natural sources, and we found a source that was from lichen. It’s another company that actually specialized, for 20 years, exposing lichen to UV and gathering them. They concentrate it, and they give it to us. We wanted to make it in a good-tasting formula.

Alex Jones: That’s so cool. This ancient plant grabs the sun and then translates it into a vitamin. It’s magic!

Dr. Edward Group: It is! You can see lichen just growing on trees. It almost looks mossy-like. Almost like a sea urchin kind of that grows on trees and plants and rocks and stuff like that. It took us while to be able to stabilize it in, using our cold-processing technique, into a formula that we could test. It would significantly test out at 2,000 IUs. We do it in a vegetable glycerin base, which is easy for people to take.

Alex Jones: Being a former Special Ops guy on those missions that you were trained to live off the land, you could actually harvest wild lichen then I guess.

Dr. Edward Group: I don’t know if you could do that. There’s probably some other poisonous compounds in lichen. Definitely you can use mushrooms if you know.

Alex Jones: Tell us about natural sources of it. You don’t need to buy it from us. You need get it. Going back to Dr. Edward Group, the reason that I asked you that question is, I know we talked about Special Forces training and the classic stuff where they dump you off in the woods or the desert, different missions you were on in training to live off the land and I just see lichens all over the place. I know growing up my dad used to say “those have the highest levels of vitamin D3 in them.” He said he had a book when he was younger that told about lichens. He had another book about mushrooms. Still his dad, when him and his brother would bring them back, would say “I don’t know, that might be poisonous.” They would have debates about it. So living off the land is dangerous but it’s something that people should learn. So I kind of segwayed off into that. You were getting into natural forms of vitamin D3 that aren’t very expensive. What are some of the best things?

Dr. Edward Group: Well, ultimately, you’re really not going to get, no matter what dietary, or what food that you eat, you’re not going to get sufficient vitamin D levels. You find D in foods, in cooked egg yolks, real fatty fish like salmon. But they actually did studies on farm raised, since most people eat farm raised salmon, and they compared it naturally wild caught salmon, the farm raised salmon had zero vitamin D in it as opposed to the naturally caught salmon which had roughly around 400 IUs of vitamin D per 4 ounces. Even if you look at the highest sources, mushrooms contain vitamin D, really the fatty fish.

Alex Jones: I love mushrooms. I cook them though.

Dr. Edward Group: In reality, you need a minimum of 2,000 IUs daily in order to get the vitamin D that your body needs to be healthy. You’re just not going to do that. The best way to get vitamin D is to be in the sunlight. That’s what I tell everybody to do. Unfortunately, you have so many winter months.

Alex Jones: Most people, like you said, are working inside during the week. How much, optimally, how much sunlight do you really need? Because I’ve seen different studies. They argue that people that get no sun, I’ve seen studies, get more skin cancer, and other cancers, than the other people, but then it does obviously age your skin. But then you always say that if I got the proper nutrients I would tan better and not burn. You’re absolutely correct now. People see me and they go “are you hispanic?” or something during the summer. “Your skin is dark brown!” I love it, it looks good. I’m like “no, I get my nutrients.” Before, I would just burn. Now that I’m getting all these nutrients, I’m actually tanning.

Dr. Edward Group: I think about 20 minutes. You definitely don’t want to be out to where your skin starts burning, but 20 minutes of sunlight between 10am and 3pm. 20 minutes of good sunlight can produce 20,000 IUs of vitamin D.

Alex Jones: So it’s not good that I literally get high off the sun and like to lay in the sun for 3 hours?

Dr. Edward Group: If you’re going to be out in the sun for 3 hours, especially between 10am and 3pm in Austin where it’s 100 degrees in the summertime, you might be getting a little bit too much.

Alex Jones: I love to roast. Is there something wrong with me like Cass Sunstein says? (sarcastic)

Dr. Edward Group: I’ve never done a blood evaluations on you. Have you had your vitamin D levels checked?

Alex Jones: I had a whole physical done about 6 months ago. They said it was all good. My blood pressure was low for my age.

Dr. Edward Group: The thing is, you’re exactly right. We’ve become a sedentary lifestyle. Everybody is working indoors under fluorescent lighting and nobody is going out and getting enough sun. Everybody works during those hours, between 10am and 3pm. Who do you know that has time off that can just go sun bathe every day for 20 minutes?


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