Andrew Breitbart: The power of Internet media

Transcript of Gary Franchi’s interview of Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2012. Video courtesy of NextNewsNetwork.

Gary Franchi: What is it about conservative values that drive you?

Andrew Breitbart: I hate bullies. I consider the left a series of villains, villainous groups. I think that what we’ve seen through the undercover tapes that James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles did, is that the community organizing group that the media frames as helping the poor, helped in every office but one, aid and abet an underage sex crime operation. Then Lila Rose goes into Planned Parenthood, which is supposed to help women, and they did the exact same thing.

So, those conservatives that watch Katie Couric, Bryan Williams, Charlie Gibson, and the New York Times, frame those groups as if they have halos over their heads because they reflect the liberal politics of those people in the newsroom is that we’ve gone out there to dispel those myths that have been born of 40, 50 years of incessant propaganda in the mainstream media.

As a former liberal who started to see the folly of the righteousness of the left it was my goal to, not just expose it, but to defeat it through media, through new media, and to force the American people to see things that the media has hidden for a long time.

Gary Franchi: Given our ability to reach millions of people, a lot of power. How do you feel about the internet and its use as a tool?

Andrew Breitbart: It’s blissful. This is the most exciting time in communication in the country and world history. It’s the manifestation of democracy. Finally people have the ability and the tools and the means to communicate with others, to express things, to expose things. Why allow for a small cabal of people to control the narrative? It’s upsetting not just the political class, but it’s upsetting the media class.

I’m siding with we the people in this. That’s why I’m a firm believer in the Tea Party. The Tea Party has been maligned to an absurd degree by the mainstream media because they realize that this is sort of the barbarians at the gate. They hold the average American, middle class person, as a barbarian, as beneath contempt, that they should lecture them at college campuses, that they should lecture them on Primetime Live, and 20/20, on the proper decorum, and the proper policies in this country. The American people have had it. Now they finally have the tools to fight back. It’s blissful.

Gary Franchi: The internet does give people a voice. There’s now talk about squelching that voice by putting licenses on bloggers and these types of things.

Andrew Breitbart: That’s the left. First of all, that benefits the mainstream media and the moneyed interests that control mainstream media, that control the liberal narrative. So, of course they’re going to want to fight back, to retain the power that they’ve lost now that the people have had it. The people who have been the least accountable in the media have been the media itself.