Matt Drudge & Alex Jones: Sick Americans, Internet ghettos, the 2016 Presidential race, gun control & dinosaur media

Full transcript of the October 6, 2015 Alex Jones Show interview with Internet-media pioneer Matt Drudge, founder and proprietor of Video courtesy of TheAlexJonesChannel.


Alex Jones: I have never had a ‘deer in the headlights’ experience this crazy. Because, I’m not really a fan of, like, rock stars, movie stars, people like that. I like politics. And, I’m sitting there during that seventy second break, and Matt Drudge rounds the corner over here, and it was like total and complete deer in the headlights, and I’m still double-taking here. And then, he’s hiding over there in the shadows right now, I’m not kidding. They’re going to say this is another conspiracy theory. And, uhh, we got Anthony Gucciardi, is Matt Drudge over there? He is over there. Come on, just for a second to give the national media a heart attack, can you just walk over here behind the stage, or they’re not gonna believe it. No, see, it’s. Yeah, right around this way.

Matt Drudge: I haven’t had one photo in eight years.

Alex Jones: I know you haven’t had one photo in eight years. Alright, I’m gonna turn the mic your way. They can do voice print. Is this Matt Drudge? (laughter) Utt-ohh, it’s made up. It’s a stunt. April Fools came early. What, how many months early? 5 months early? April Fools folks, I fooled ya. Am I supposed to go to rebroadcast now that you’re here? Because you get to hang out with my crew and I’m on the air? This is, like, diabolical! Oh my gosh. Anyways, no, seriously, do you think folks are gonna believe Matt Drudge was here?

Anthony Gucciardi: (laughter) I don’t even believe he’s here!

Alex Jones: I didn’t believe it! Only because it was, like, such short notice! It was like boom! I remember years ago. Well, anyways, I’m not gonna get into it. This is crazy! Alright, well I’m not gonna be aggressive and turn the light on over there and aim the document-cam over there. But, Matt Drudge came in, said ‘hi’ to me, thought it was a three minute break and then went over there. I’m definitely going to have to play a clip or something. Do we have one of those special reports coming back from the next break? Alright, this has now entered complete Twilight Zone. Hey! But we got a new article up on INFOWARS: “Obama Arms ISIS Militants, Pushes Gun Control On Very Same Day: Obama authorizes resupplying “Syrian opposition” on same day he demands gun control against American citizens.” And, of course I was covering this Breitbart article a lot, but I missed, I miss stuff all the time. I knew they were doing this, but I didn’t know they were actually openly doing it. “Obama Administration and UN Announce Global Police Force To Fight Extremism in U.S.” And then we’ve got all these callers that want to talk to me. You know, Matt has hosted the Drudge Report Show for so long, but also Rush Limbaugh. So, I would imagine he could come over here and actually host the show for us, except he’s not really here! What if we put a microphone into the darkness coming out of the break, and folks can do a voice print analysis to see if it’s Matt Drudge? He’s not gonna do it? I’m telling you, this is so classically reclusive. I wish I could do that. He is back there right now.

Matt Drudge: It’s taken a lot of work to get to this point.

Alex Jones: I know it’s taken a lot of work to get to this point. I admire you! Maybe I should become reclusive! Huh? He’s a big guy! In good shape too! I was like “man, who is that big guy!? Who is that? I recognize that guy! Who’s that guy with him?!” I was like “Oh my God!” (laughter) What did I look like, Buckley, when he walked in?

Buckley: Uhh, flabbergasted!

Alex Jones: I mean, I was literally like “who is that!?” You are somethin’ else man! God, I tell ya! He’s got a lot of class, the way he pulls stuff off. I’m kinda the opposite, like a bull in a china shop. A loose cannon. Anyways, I was already super wound-up today. I’ve already had too many DNA Forces today, and this is now pushing me over the edge. I need some Jack Daniels, Buckley, immediately. (laughter) I’ve not been drinking since last Thursday. I’ve been being a good boy, and I’ve been bein’ nice, but I tell ya, I may have to. I don’t have any, what do you call them? Tranquilizers. But I think I need a tranquilizer dart or something. Alright folks, we’ll be right back. No, seriously, because I’m starstruck right now! This is crazy! And, the way he did it is even worse! And, then it’s gonna be even worse when they have, like, some major establishment, White House-driven, publications say I made it all up! So we at least, well, we can’t get a photo for Twitter. What are we gonna do? The suspense is deafening!, you can read up there where this guy put stuff up on his Facebook. The supposed shooter, about how he just had so many pills he was on, psychotropics, lithium and other things, that he ended up just taking five at a time. So the question is, was he on meds? And the answer is, does a bear, you know, do different things like jump rope in the woods. We’ll be right back.

Alex Jones: Alright folks, Alex Jones here back live well into the third hour. I did not do this is a stunt, neither did Matt Drudge. He is here. We have a hot mic over there. He wants to stay, literally, in the shadows behind a curtain. But, this is the king of being able to push a story out and make it the number one story in the world. They even admit that in New York Times that he has more readers on politics and news than Facebook, The New York Times and the Washington Post, L.A. Times, put together. He’s got some of our stories where the shooter himself said he was on a bunch of drugs. He’s linked to that today, and that’s a story they don’t want out there. Or, the story where CNN took a mixed racial, Christian-hater and turned him into a right wing white supremacist, and turned him white. They don’t want people knowing that, but Matt Drudge and his great crew, can link to alternative stories, foreign stories, mainstream stories, photos, mug shots, and really just focus on what Matt Drudge thinks is interesting, and the public tends to agree with him, that what he focuses in on is really catching the zeitgeist, or the pulse of the people. So, he might have fifty links every day, where Facebook has five hundred million, but he has more traffic. That is the true David Versus Goliath story. And, this is not scripted. I have no idea where I should go. Matt Drudge, I guess you’re here for ACL, or why are you in Austin, Texas?

Matt Drudge: (laughter) Well, you were just talking about Facebook. And, thanks again for having me here. Umm, I’m not on Facebook. Umm, I don’t do the socials. I’ve got that little Twitter thing, even that’s kind of disgusting. You know, I’ve been doing the Internet as long as you’ve been doing this radio show, Alex, literally every day as you have literally every day, practically. I think you’ve taken a little more time off than I have actually.

Alex Jones: Yes, I’ve kinda gotten…

Matt Drudge: And, I can’t say that about many people, because you are a peer without peer. And, I’ll tell you, I was there before Facebook, I was there before, I was there before mostly all of them. I have a very clear perception what the Internet is in my mind. I’m free. I’m not defined by what they say is the Internet is. Meaning Goldman Sachs, meaning who they invest in for the latest start-up, meaning the latest Buzzfeed, or Salon, or Gawker. Well, Gawker’s more independent. But, there’s a lot of corporate makeover of the Internet that I have not adapted to, simply put. I’m friends with some of them. When I go to New York I make the 6th Avenue rounds, but I am not a part of that system. I’m a free-thinker. I’m an American. I’m very concerned with what’s happening. So, I just give it my all. I’ve learned how to take care of myself and detach from outcomes because, otherwise, you can’t survive. And, I don’t know where you are on that topic, that’s…

Alex Jones: I just follow my instinct because they always tell us how to adapt to be successful, but really we’re just adapting to their mindset to be their slaves.

Matt Drudge: I don’t! I don’t!

Alex Jones: No, you don’t!

Matt Drudge: I have remained completely independent from all of them. All of them! I am not influenced by any of them. I need no traffic from Google. I don’t care if I get one traffic referral from Google, or Bing, or Yahoo, or any of these others. It’s always been that way. Now, if you think of that set up, how rare that is, because everybody is so hungry for referrals, for ‘likes.’ I don’t need to be liked. I don’t need to be liked at all. I don’t care if there’s a button right there at the top of Drudge saying ‘like’ or ‘dislike,’ ‘thumbs up,’ ‘thumbs down,’ it doesn’t mean anything. Now, I hope that you come! It doesn’t mean you necessarily have to like what I have up there. Now, where I’ve had a lot of successes, I’m getting people from both sides of the aisle. They’ve always said “he’s a right wing gossip-monger,” mainly because of Lewinsky and those years, which by the way are back. Why aren’t we seeing Hillary’s lovers? Excuse me. Why aren’t we seeing Hillary’s lovers?

Alex Jones: That’s a good question.

Matt Drudge: Where is the cover-up on this? So many issues that are suppressed on a daily basis. So, that’s what I try to do every morning.

Alex Jones: Incredible. Well, it’s amazing to have you here in Austin, Texas. And, I tell ya, you certainly know how to make an entrance. I’m in a seventy second break, and I turn around, and there’s Matt Drudge, just boom! (laughter) I tell ya! I almost had a heart attack, a good one. My cousin said he’s never seen me look like that. What was the word, Buckley, you used? No, it was flabbergasted. I was flabbergasted. He used the word flabbergasted. Well, I tell ya, this is, like, the biggest Christmas present, early, ever, because I just admire true independence. And, I gotta tell ya Matt, and you know this with your crew, and Congress knows this; we wouldn’t have won some of these gun battles, some of these border battles, some of these energy battles, and we’ve lost some too, but, but we would have lost so many of them if it wasn’t for the focal point, and even the White House, and the Democrats, admit that, I know you’re saying you’re non-partisan, I mean, I would guess you’re more of a libertarian, correct me if I’m wrong, you’re just a freedom guy…

Matt Drudge: I can’t be controlled! I cannot be controlled! There are no interests here, but what I see as the world events, period! That is the truth of the situation.

Alex Jones: Well, they hate the fact that they can’t control the agenda. The Pentagon has briefings with the head of psyops, as you know, saying “we’ve got to stop Drudge changing the subject and showing when we’re lying!” I mean, that’s when you know, that’s crazy town when you get… What is it like? Is it surreal to think back to something you started back in the early nineties has now grown into this?

Matt Drudge: Well, no, because it’s been every day. So, it’s, just like, it’s happened so organically. It started with one reader. I don’t know who that one reader was, but it started with one reader. I’ve never placed an ad anywhere, ever. This has all been a true, organic reader to reader to reader to reader. Yes, I dabbled in the corporate with the Fox News show and the Clear Channel radio show for nine years. But, even that, the website was on its own terms, and remains so to this very minute.

Alex Jones: Well, you’ve only gotten bigger since you stopped, uhh…

Matt Drudge: Well, I don’t know, because this is another thing. The measurements that we have, this is another bogus thing. Yesterday they released on the A.P.A Wire, Twitter followers. Hillary is the queen of the Twitters with 4.9 million. They don’t say how many are fake. They don’t know how many there are.

Alex Jones: They admit the First Lady’s is like eighty percent fake.

Matt Drudge: Well, the A.P. did not do that, Alex. So, this whole thing, this whole socials, these socials. You know, Beats One Music, which I’m obsessed with, which has been launched on Apple, uhh, which is probably one of the best things they’ve done since Steve Jobs died. One radio station. Interesting. They don’t know how many listeners they have. I heard some streams, they were down to five thousand an hour. This whole social media stuff is bogus. Facebook, we have two billions users? This is garbage! This is designed to demoralize the individual. I’ll never have two billion followers! This Internet is what you make of it. It’s the same now as it was in the beginning. I remember having this argument with Brit Hume once live on C-SPAN. He goes “oh, the Internet’s all UFOs and all this crap,” and I said “no, the Internet is what you make of it.” But, in the beginning they were dismissing the Internet. They were poo-pooing it!

Alex Jones: Isn’t that good for us, that for so long they were in arrogant denial? And, they seem kind of like they’re still in arrogant denial.

Matt Drudge: No. Now they make it over in their image! Now it’s these endless, monotonous Tweets. Meaningless! Meaningless! Uhh, to me. It’s just a lot of gnats, a lot of confusion. When the reality of the situation is life on Earth has not changed. We need facts, we need events, we need specifics on things, not all this confusion. It’s almost, they’ve made the Internet over in their image, these corporations, and I think they’re failing quite…

Alex Jones: Skip the break. Skip the break. Oh, sorry Matt, go ahead, I had to interrupt. You say you think they’re failing?

Matt Drudge: I think they’re failing to the point, this is a whole other discussion on how sick are the American people right now? I’ve been saying they could put Hillary Clinton’s brain in a jar in the Oval Office, and she’d be elected. People are really sick. I think you know this deep in your soul, and this is why you get demoralized here on this very set.

Alex Jones: Yeah, I shouldn’t, yeah.

Matt Drudge: People are sick! How they’ve got here, you’ve been on a wonderful arc over, almost decades now, explaining why people are, and have become so sick. That being said, people are willing to be made over in the image of these corporations. The reason there’s so much anger online, also, is a newspaper like the Washington Post will leave a comment section. They don’t care what you’re saying. They don’t care what you’re thinking. That’s why you get this anger, that “oh, I have to be,” you know “I’m out here as a citizen, and I’m operating in their playground.” Make your own playground! The reason I’m here, Alex, is because you’ve made your own playground. This is a figment of your imagination, and the Drudge Report is mine. It is a very simple thesis; you are what you dream you are and become. And, I wish Americans would get out of the sickness and just become greater.

Alex Jones: Well, that’s profound. I mean, because, if we start creating our own maps, our own world, our own vision, then there’s no way for these cultural tyrants to program us. And, that’s why they’re pushing so hard to get more outrageous. I mean, is this the beginning of the end?…

Matt Drudge: End to operate in their playgrounds. So, you become famous on YouTube. That’s ridiculous. I’m not saying you, I’m saying thirteen year old that just died that they’re saying is the first YouTube star that died. You’re playing in Google’s hell-pit.

Alex Jones: No, I agree, but I’ve invaded all those.

Matt Drudge: Make your own place. Make your own. The engine that allows you to make your own dynamic, your own universe. Why are you gravitating towards somebody else’s universe? And, this is kind of, again, where Drudge to me, when I look at it right now, is a correction to this groupthink that has…

Alex Jones: Oh, I totally agree with what you’re saying…

Matt Drudge: There’s no difference from any of these websites! You go up and down. We talk about this. What’s the difference between the websites? Between a Slate or a Salon, or a Buzzfeed, or a HuffPo? What is the difference! There isn’t any! And, this is a travesty. It’s so much like, it’s almost like a weird conglomerate of groupthink that has developed in a dynamic era that should be vibrating. It should be vibrating. It should be controversial. But, I guess it’s fear. Uhh, not everybody is cut from the same genetic background as you or I, Alex, of being brave, and being able to stand up. You’re on the camera, I’m not. You’re more brave than I am. So, this is the dynamic that I’m in. I would just like to wake people up. Stop operating in their playground! Stop it!

Alex Jones: Well, let me say this. I totally agree with you. I’ve tried. I couldn’t pay for the bandwidth to put all of our videos out on our own platforms. Now we’re doing that at and the Nightly News, and putting ourselves up on television to reach people because it’s kind of like jacking into the Matrix, going into their playground. I try to then claw them over here to see what we’re trying to do, what you’re trying to do. But, I totally agree with you. The answer is for all of us to create our own systems, our own ideas, because vibrant independent ideas will trump this corporate, plastic Borg, this brainwashing they’re trying to push. I mean, banning ‘father’ and ‘mother,’ banning the word ‘husband’ and ‘wife,’ I mean that’s so cultic that if I’d of been told ten years ago they were gonna ban words like that, I wouldn’t have believed it. They do it with straight faces. I mean, has the left, and of course the controlled-right as well, have they gone collectively insane on a control-freak bent? Or, is there a strategy?

Matt Drudge: I would also advise people to not waste their time on this. I had a Supreme Court Justice tell me to my face it’s over for me. He said “Matt, it’s over for you. They’ve got the votes now to enforce copyright law, you’re outta there. They’re gonna make it so headlines, so you can’t even use headlines.” To have a Supreme Court Justice say that to my face, that it’s over, they’ve got the votes. Which means time is limited. Time is not forever. How many more moons and sunrises will you see in your life rise and fall? There’s not that many! It’s a small amount! So, for people to be saying with this attitude “ohh, I’ll get on with my life, and my greatness, sometime.” No, you can’t!

Alex Jones: We’re being enslaved now! And, that’s it! Under the TPP, they admit, you can’t put a headline to the New York Times! You’re sending massive traffic to them! They’re claiming you’re taking their words! This is insane!

Matt Drudge: And, you had the Justice Stephen Breyer said “we need to look at a global law now.” Remember, just recently?

Alex Jones: They’re getting it lined up with it!

Matt Drudge: So, they’re getting ready for these decisions to come. You thought Obamacare was shocking? You thought some of these other decisions were shocking? Wait until these copyright laws work their way up. And, the Supreme Court decides you cannot have a website with news headlines, linking across the board. Then, that will end for me. Fine! I’ve had a helluva run! It’s twenty years next year. Twenty years about now. Helluva run! I couldn’t have gone any further, farther. I feel completely, I have gone as far out of the galaxy as I can on this. I still wanna stay out here, but I’ve gone pretty damn far for what one individual can do in this culture. But, I’m talking about the future! So, I don’t know why they’ve been successful in pushing everybody into these little ghettos of these Facebooks, and these Tweets, and these Instagrams. These “Insta’s.” This is ghetto! This is ghetto! This is corporate! They’re taking your energy! They’re taking your energy and you’re getting nothing in return! Nothing!

Alex Jones: They’re dumbing the language down! Twitter’s designed to reduce the language, directly out of 1984! It’s Ingsoc!

Matt Drudge: Right. Ultimately, it’s boring and the kids are always off to something new. Except for the something new is owned by the same freakin’ company, or financed by the same banking system. So, I’m here to say, and this is the reason why I came to see you, Alex, is you are one of the very few who are operating under this, this, under this theory, to be an independent American in a big way. If your calling is media, if your calling is media, fine, if your calling is sports, whatever it is, but you’ve gotta be the greatest you can be now. Now. Before this country is so completely altered and we’re left with Hillary’s brain, in the Oval Office, in a jar. Because that’s what we’re getting. She’s old and she’s sick! She’s not a contender! They’re making her a contender with these propped-up Saturday Night Live things! It’s like a head on a stick! And, then on the Today Show with gun three. A head on a stick! She is not a viable, vibrant leader for this country of three hundred, including the illegals, three hundred and eighty million Americans! So, the media is trying to put us to sleep. You’re not letting ’em, Alex.

Alex Jones: Let me ask this question, Matt. Is the establishment, which we know is diverse, but there’s different conglomerates. Is it panicking? Is it trying to push everything through right now because it knows people are waking up? Or, is it just completely arrogant and thinks it’s invincible?

Matt Drudge: It’s trying to consolidate control, yes, and there is a sense of panic about it. You look at a Telemundo or a Univsion, they’re kind of panicked. You look at some of these interviews that are happening this election cycle where Trump comes along, says a few things, just a few things, and soars to the top of list. That’s profound. Imagine if we actually had a good selection of candidates who are saying a lot. And, I know Cruz and Rand, and all the rest, however you’ve got to be dynamic in this atmosphere and it’s a media country. You’ve gotta be dynamic in media. That’s the only thing that’s gonna work. So, I am left with thinking there’s not a lot of time to be your greatest self, especially online. Because, I don’t, if it continues to get consolidated to this degree, and then we’re moving into the robots which you’re so profound on, and it’s gonna get really ugly really fast. There’s already automated news sites. Google News, hello anybody? They actually, the idiots reading that crap think there’s actually a human there. There is no human there! You are being programmed to being automated even up to your news. And, Apple News, I don’t know what that’s about. That was also creepy. A same corporate glaze over everything. I don’t see the world that way. I live in a world that’s free, colorful, vibrant, takes chances, bold, stands up to power, umm, and that’s where I’ve mad my success.

Alex Jones: Well, very eloquently said. I mean, really, if we don’t effect the battle space, if we don’t get involved in free speech now, that’s all you, the listeners, all the Drudge fans, fans of freedom, no matter what color you are, no matter what political bent, we’re going to lose everything. We know what totalitarian looks like, we know what oppression looks like, we know what the dumb culture of totalitarianism smells like. This is it! It’s happening now, and the future of the world is being decided. So, get out there, make your own sites, take action! Because, Matt, you’ll just go away if they do this. We all know we’re gonna fight it. We know they can’t enforce it. Because, if they can say that you can’t even put a link up to a news site, then that ends free speech and basic communication. I mean, I know they’ve got the Democrats out openly saying we need to bring in the Fairness Doctrine to the Internet because of Matt Drudge. Because, you quote “effect elections.” Well, you’re an American citizen that pays taxes, and you’re allowed to be pro-gun!

Matt Drudge: Well, if they get enough sick people to elect it, the demographics will take care of themselves. We had a story this morning that they’re finally releasing artists in Cuba who painted Raul and Fidel as a pig. Jailed without trial for eighteen months.

Alex Jones: Look at Germany! Where they’re arresting people who criticize open borders. Look, you’ve been very…

Matt Drudge: Well, it’s already happening! I’m just warning this country that, yes, don’t get into this false sense that you are an individual when you’re on Facebook. No. You’re Not. You’re a pawn in their scheme.

Alex Jones: Stay there. We gotta come right back for a few more minutes and say “bye.” This is incredible.

Alex Jones: Well, I tell ya, a lot of energy entered the building, and there’s already a lot of energy in this building. Uhh, a lot of smiles with Matt Drudge here. Adan, I guess, went to the door, and we say we don’t let strangers in, but it was no stranger. Matt Drudge here in studio with us. And, characteristically, uhh, very, uhh, kinda like Peter Pan, hard to catch, hard to find, moves quick. He is right over there in the dark with a handheld microphone. Of course the conspiracy theories will begin that this isn’t really Matt Drudge, but people can tell it is really Matt Drudge. I’ve seen a lot of his speeches, heard him pop-in on shows here and there, and it’s always eloquent, always thought-provoking. This is particularly thought-provoking, and will be a big news-maker. They will attempt to control reality and say “how dare Matt Drudge hang out with that heretic Alex Jones.” We’re always hearing, the last six, seven years, that Matt Drudge is over, Matt Drudge doesn’t exist. But, then they have to admit that Matt Drudge is bigger than ever. So, this attempt to control reality, or control who talks to who by these totalitarians that masquerade as liberals, I don’t think is working. And, now with Boehner being forced out, I think it shows the rumblings of the Tea Party beneath the surface. So, Matt, before you leave us, and I really appreciate your time…

Matt Drudge: Oh, and by the way, the Presidential candidates, that’s exactly what you’re saying, the rumblings. Look at anybody who has any form of success in the polls is because they rumble. Uhh, where it’s gonna end up, I don’t know, I’m very pessimistic. I’m very pessimistic on this race because I’m just not so sure it’s not gonna end up with the dreaded brain in the jar, in the Oval Office, once known as Hillary Clinton, who is hypothyroid. Anybody who is seventy years old who’s hypothyroid, you do not elect President, ladies and gentlemen. You don’t do it! Now they’ll say “well, it has to be who her V.P. is,” whether it’s the Castro from San Antonio, or the other Castro from San Antonio, or the other Castro from San Antonio, whoever it’s gonna be. I just, shaking now after seeing N.B.C. giving her endless hours of airtime over the past 72 hours that Hillary’s back, and she’s back for real. Now, what the means to you or me, what it means to me? I’ve got a long history these people. They’re ugly. They play dirty. They sued me for 30 million dollars last time around, with the approval of the President, announced by the Press Secretary of the White House. A civil action. These people, and they didn’t have the N.S.A. then, they had Echelon, and all these other things you were talking about even then. Hillary Clinton with the N.S.A.? Good luck if you dissent! Good luck if you dissent! Snowden, I’ll switch places with you! You can come over and rot in hell, because that’s what it’s gonna be. So, I’m very concerned with the lay of the land. But, the rumblings you’re talking about, that we see in a Trump, that we see in a Carly. Do we see in a Sanders? Yeah, maybe. Also old. Old! Can the Democrats find anybody under the age of 70? What is this oldness in a vibrant country that needs to go forward to a new century? So, I don’t know. I’m hoping for surprises. I’m hoping for some jolts. We’ll have to see.

Alex Jones: Umm, a few other subjects and I appreciate your time. I’ll quit bugging you. Uhm, there is so much going on in the world. Obama, now, is talking about “well, Australia had a good plan, we may have to do that.” That’s clearly talking about gun confiscation. Now Hillary’s doing it, CNN has pundits just saying “let’s take ’em!” Do these people realize that this is the line in the sand at the Alamo? If they really come out in a frontal assault on guns, it means, I think they’re trying to start a civil war. It just seems like insanity. I mean, they may think that they’re Stalin or something!

Matt Drudge: Well, because they’re all armed themselves, or they all have that security around them themselves. They don’t have to worry about it. I challenge Hillary; take away your Secret Service. Take it away now! Take away your Secret Service! Dismiss them! Have no security around you. Have no guns around you, Hillary. I dare you! I dare you! Obama, same thing. Drop your guns, Obama! Take your Secret Service away, Obama. Take it all away! Leave the White House unguarded, Obama. Let everybody know there’s no guns on the White House grounds, Obama. You know what would happen in 30 seconds? Both of those people would no longer be on planet Earth. So, they’re asking us to drop our guns, and to drop our security measures or…Or what!? So, this thing is very real, and I don’t see how it’s being taken seriously, except for the sick voter. You can’t underestimate the sickness of the American people right now. They’re really sick. And, that’s, I’m more angry at the sick Americans than I am at Obama or Hillary. I’m really angry at the sick Americans.

Alex Jones: Matt Drudge, I used to listen to your radio show almost every Sunday, but I gotta tell ya, you are even more on fire than were then. And, I know you’re smart, you know not to be too available, because distance makes the heart grow fond. And, I tell ya. But, it would be great if even once a week you did, like, an hour podcast or something. Or, maybe once a month with these thoughts. Because, let me tell ya, this is some really good radio and I’m enjoying it, and, I know the audience is! I mean Matt Drudge is kinda co-hosting the Alex Jones Show right now! This is crazy!

Matt Drudge: Maybe I’ll join Facebook.

Alex Jones: Oh, yeah, don’t do that. (laughter)

Matt Drudge: No, I can’t. I realize that just my personality is, that I’ve gotta stay focused. I can’t be too distracted.

Alex Jones: No, you’re advice to me was right, like a year ago, that don’t try to do too much. You’re right.

Matt Drudge: Paul Joseph Watson, I told him “watch out for this, this…” You know, it’s a larger topic. But, at my height of media availability, I was doing the website, the TV show, and the radio show at the same time, as you are doing now. As you are doing now. Umm, mine was with the corporations. The Clear Channel, News Corp., and then the Drudge Report. But, still, I felt, just myself, I felt it was just more powerful to go to the web. Plus, not to necessarily be playing in their playground. Because, the power of the individual, as you represent sitting there right now, is powerful to the heart. I said to Paul Joseph Watson when I saw him in London, which you just referred to, a year ago, you’re a romantic figure, Alex, in Americana. It’s romantic what you do here every day. It just is. This is romance. Because, you’re an American standing up, tough, facing these headwinds. Wow, are they blowing! But, you’re there. And, there, there’s, you’re not alone. Limbaugh, Savage, Hannity, Levin, there’s a lot of people on the airwaves, who are as brave, they are brave, and they are living it. I’ve met ’em all, I’m friends with them all. They are also operating against the grain in an America that needs to go back to that.

Alex Jones: Well, the system has tried to put some of them in jail! I mean, I know a lot of those folks don’t talk about what goes on behind the scenes, I don’t either, but, you know, these people play hardball. And, some folks can say, who are libertarians, that “well those folks don’t sound libertarian enough to me,” it doesn’t matter. The globalists, the Democrats, the collectivists, hate anybody who’s conservative, anybody that believes in the individual. And, the fact is, those people promote individualism, nationalism, and that’s why they’ve got to be eradicated. What a horrible world if the system is successful. Matt Drudge, in your gut, in your heart, do you think that humanity is gonna be successful and make it the next 100 years?

Matt Drudge: Oh, the 100 years, well of course, unless mother nature decides. You know, I’m a big fan of letting mother nature decide some of this too. You know, we can’t control a lot of this. There is a law to the universe. There just is. There’s just a law to the universe. We can have the San Andreas rip tonight. You’ve nothing to do with that. We could have had that super hurricane, that, look what it did to South Carolina two or three hundred miles offshore! Imagine if a category 5 eye wall went right up the Chesapeake Bay. They can say “well, mankind did that.” No, mother nature decides. So, will we survive? I’m sure we will. Will we be, uhh, not allowed to speak as we are today? Well, we’ll have it documented that we were allowed to speak that way once. So, I don’t know. Am I optimistic for myself, personally? Yes. I’m strong. There’s not much they can do. They could laser-beam me, they could drone me, they can plutonium me, they could do whatever they wanted. But, spiritually, I’m set. I’ve already got it. So, they can’t do much. I just wish there was more media that was trailblazing and independent. And, this to me is a big danger right now in this set up is you’ve got these corporations, like the New York Times, and Amazon now with the Washington Post, and Time-Warner, and all of them seem to be the same! This is what’s frightening! And, there’s so much news in the course of the day. The reason I think the Drudge Report has, is interesting every morning, is it’s not exactly the same as you would see elsewhere. And, that’s because I’m not involved with other people. I’m looking at the world through my eyes, and that’s what you’re seeing. With bravery. And, with the ability to do it. Because, uhh, the ability to do it, what you’ve created here with one listener one day, that went to ten listeners, that went to fifty, to now your millions, was organically grown. And, that’s kind of how Earth proceeds.

Alex Jones: And, it usually takes time, you’re absolutely right. Looking at the open announcements by the Pope for world government, carbon taxes, looking for Obama announcing similar things, they’ve gone from denying this planetary system is being set up, to now admitting it, we’ve got all these key meetings, TPP being agreed on just a few days ago, how is that affecting the people that were brainwashed and told none of this was happening, how are they gonna respond now when all of this starts coming to fruition?

Matt Drudge: I’ve been traveling a lot, and I’m seeing a lot of desperation everywhere. A lot of sad desperation. I was just in an airport in, even down to this, a woman selling Southwest Airlines credit cards standing like a robot. “Have you signed up yet? Are you a member of the club?” It was tragic. This is a mature woman with a beautiful face and life, and I’m like “how did she get there? What is happening to this culture, where she’s now standing as a robot like this?” They’re sucking our ability to make an income that is compatible with what you need to. So, I’m getting a little frightened as I travel. On the other side of it, when I go to New York and I see some of the billionaires, it’s the other side! Endless! You know, they’re fighting over pieces of artwork. It’s gotten to the point where the haves and the have-nots here is breaking. So, I….

Alex Jones: And, it’s the billionaires, mainly, that are funding the whole redistribution movement, because they end up getting the money in corporate welfare and insider deals. It’s so sick. I watched a great film, I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet, but it’s ‘The Best of Enemies’ about Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley. Have you seen that yet?

Matt Drudge: No.

Alex Jones: You’ve gotta see it. And, it shows Gore Vidal arguing, saying the answer is…

Matt Drudge: Oh, and by the way, why are we not allowed to have a Gore Vidal, William Buckley, anymore in the media scene? Do you see they hire? Do you see who’s hired for the shows, how dull they are?

Alex Jones: Yes.

Matt Drudge: Dull! Dull as dishwater!

Alex Jones: They want you to tune out of politics and in to entertainment.

Matt Drudge: Yes! They make, where are the flamboyant characters?! This is what America desperately needs right now! Flamboyant intellectual characters who can cut different ways. And, that’s just what I’m missing. I’ve been fortunate to meet some of the greats of this generation. I gotta tell you, they are there! It’s just that they are suppressed, and hidden, and they’re not hired the way Gore Vidal and Buckley were back in previous generation. They were not afraid of ideas! This generation is frightened of ideas, or at least it’s being suppressed.

Alex Jones: Let’s throw in, in the the few minutes we have left, because we’re about to go to break and I know you’ve given us more time then you even said you would. Matt Drudge is our guest,, obviously in-studio here in Austin, Texas visiting. A surprise visit. One of the best ever. That’s better than the surprise birthday parties I’ve had. Shifting gears, I don’t think it’s Putin that is this great angel, or this wonderful, perfect person, but our foreign policy is so corrupt, so deceptive, it makes him look good, and nobody is gonna back Al-Qaeda. I talked about this last Thursday and Friday. And, I’ll find the article, and we’ll put it in this video later, and put it out as a report. But, it was Reuters, reporting that the White House is angry that these airstrikes by the Russians have hit the moderates, Al-Nusra, which is Al-Qaeda in Syria. And, then it just went on, and they’re telling him to stop doing it, and he didn’t hit ISIS. But, then Putin pointed out that, no, that’s the bosses of ISIS. That’s just their fighters. It’s the same group, which is true. But, it’s Twilight Zone! I can’t even believe I’m reading Reuters who has writers with a straight face that will just sit there and write articles about how Al-Qaeda is moderate, and not bad, and then we criticize Russia for bombing them when they’re attacking Russian interests. It’s just so bizarre. It seems like that Karl Rove quote where he said “we control reality.” I don’t think Obama and these guys really control reality. And, now we’ve got John McCain saying “let’s go ahead,” and Zbigniew Brzezinski, “and have war with Russia! Let’s go ahead and attack the Russian aircraft!” I mean, It’s crazy-town! What do you say to that?

Matt Drudge: Well, I’ll say this. We never even heard of ISIS until recently. And, I remember when that name first started coming up. Do you know it was designed to be confused with Darrell Issa?

Alex Jones: No, I didn’t know that.

Matt Drudge: Did you know that’s what it was!? Because, Darrell Issa was the enemy at the time, of this administration. You know, there would have been a time when Obama could have been impeached. And, I’m thinking the I.R.S. scandal most likely. That would have been the one. You get the depositions going, you get the President under oath. You follow the chain. Obama, most likely, would have been impeached. Boehner decided “we’re not going there! We’re not gonna have those cities burn! We’re not gonna do it! We’re not gonna impeach Obama.” So, I felt Darrell Issa, that’s his name, right? Because, ISIL/ISSA, Darrel Issa. I think they were, they came up with the name ISIS to be confused with Darrell Issa! I’m really being honest with you! (chuckles) I remember when the first Christiane Amanpour sputtered out this word “ISIS.” I’m thinking, “where did she get that one?” You know, these words are created, these events are created. Now we act like, “oh, ISIS has been around for 20 or 30 years.” Says who!?

Alex Jones: It’s been around a year and a half.

Matt Drudge: Yeah, designed to confuse. And, then the President going “it’s not even ISIS, it’s ISIL, or IS.”

Alex Jones: Or ISIL.

Matt Drudge: Or IS. This is Dr. Seuss! This is madness! So, I’m not sure you’re able to follow any of it, because when I sit down and look at the news, I’m not able to follow the bouncing ball. ‘Is Putin here? Is Obama here? Where does this one go?’ Where, I can’t follow. Can you put the pieces together? I’m glad you can, because I can’t.

Alex Jones: Wow. Well, we’re going to break here in about a minute and a half, and then I’m gonna come back and play a special report and they’re gonna go into the fourth hour being hosted by one of our co-hosts today. But, Matt, in the two minutes we’ve got left. It’s amazing to have you here. What do you think is front and center in the universe? In the last two minutes here, what do you wanna say to the audience, and to the dinosaur media that is gonna gleefully try to edit this and chop this up, and I guess use it for their funeral pyre?

Matt Drudge: Well, they’re welcome to it. Again, they’ve got no control over the situation. None. No control. No control over me. Sorry. Zero. I wanted to congratulate you. You’re one of the, people don’t really talk about this. You are one of the first to stream 24 hours a day. And, I think the reason I was drawn into INFOWARS was because of the streaming. Uhh, this is a profound break that you did to allow the audience to hear you at any time, to make it available at any time, from anywhere, looping, looping, looping until the next broadcast. This is a profound thing you did. I don’t think that’s recognized enough in the industry. I’m just talking shop talk here for second. That was big. Because, what you’re seeing with the A.M. dial now, and I’m not besmirching any stations that are carrying this right now. But, some of these ratings are frightening. Some of these ratings in these major cities are frightening. I’m talking about half the listeners, generally, overall, for every talk host, some of ’em are down a half. A half in one year! Something is going on. But, you broke through with this 24-hour looping. Always available. On my happiest nights I’m sitting here and I’m listening to you from wherever I am in the world. Looping! Getting it, getting it, getting it. And the guests. This is a profound shift. Available any time, from anywhere. That was you Alex. That was a big one.

Alex Jones: Well, that was like 12 years ago, I said “why do we just send the stream out just once, and then wait for a podcast to come up?” before they even called it podcast, it was just an MP3.

Matt Drudge: So, an organically again! Yet again! Another organically grown decision that changed the media landscape.

Alex Jones: Well, sure, I said “why not just have. I don’t wanna just have” because I was one of the first, people were doin’ this 20 years ago. Limbaugh was probably the first, with a little pod cam that took a photo every minute or so or something. I said “why don’t we just put cameras in here, so I can show people articles, show ’em photos, show ’em books, and even show ’em video clips? And, then we’ll start streaming it?”

Matt Drudge: And, by the way, Limbaugh was genius for doing that, because he bypassed broadcast. He didn’t have to hook up with a Fox, or a CNN, to show him in real time. He was able to bypass that. And, I think there were some cams for radio shows before that.

Alex Jones: Sure.

Matt Drudge: But, he did it on the larger scale. But, what you did by breaking the mold, by breaking the mold, whatever you said that day, like “why don’t we loop it?” I can’t tell you how that’s changed. I would say the majority of your listeners are, have, and will discover you through the looping, and the broadcast, because now we can drive around and listen to you without the streaming, even though it seems like the streaming is where things are going. I gotta say, when you broke the egg there, when you cracked the egg, that was a big one. That was a Stanley Kubrick moment of the bone going up, what you did with that one. So that was…

Alex Jones: Well, I don’t think it’s as big as the bones you’ve been throwing up, that turn into the spaceships. But, I tell ya, it’s amazing to just have the diverse audience that tunes in to hear me babble. Speak of the devil, like people like Stanley Kubrick’s daughter and folks that have popped up too, and you’re like, you check it out, “this is really Stanley Kubrick’s daughter that helped make some of his films.” It just blows your mind.

Matt Drudge: And, by the way if Stanley Kubrick was alive, can you imagine? Can you imagine where he would have gone? He would have done some great work. We’re missing the Hollywood push too. Where’s the greatness coming out of Hollywood?

Alex Jones: They want it dumbed down! I’ve talked to top Hollywood…

Matt Drudge: Enough of the Martian crap! Tell us something big, and real, and profound as Kubrick would have, on the human level. On a human level.

Alex Jones: Well, I’m not allowed to say what I was told about Kubrick, but let me say, it was obvious from his films, he was, would be on-board with us. He would…

Matt Drudge: You know, Spielberg keeps going back to World War II. I mean, enough already! (chuckles) Let’s get focused. I get a P.T. Anderson, and, I don’t know, it’s kind of gone into a marijuana cloud for me. Where are the artists who are challenging this generation like Kubrick did? So, that’s another topic separately. But, anyway…

Alex Jones: Well, we’re going to break in one minute. We’re going to air John Bowne’s report, come back and, who’s hosting the fourth hour today? I’m so thunderstruck that I…David Knight’s got a bunch comin’ up. And, obviously we need to get clips of this epic interview, play those, and put those out on and And, Matt, how fast do you think…Here’s what’s crazy; five years ago I cared if mainstream media wrote a stories against us, or I cared if I was on Nightline or something. You’ve been in more big stuff than I have. Now it doesn’t even do anything when I’m on those shows. That’s why I know that they don’t mean anything. And, so, we should end with this. You were the guy who Tweeted, at least from what I saw, at Piers Morgan three years ago, or two and half years ago, to say “have Alex Jones on, debate him.”

Matt Drudge: Matchmaker, yeah. Behind the scenes, people don’t know this about me. I’m a matchmaker behind the scenes, that I’ve had the ability to makes some deals happen and do some things behind the scenes. Now, I’ve never met Piers Morgan. But I do believe that Tweet that day did lead to that, you’re right.

Alex Jones: Well, no, they told me in his office, “what do you think of Matt Drudge’s idea,” because they got me cellphone number and called me, CNN had it, and I said…

Matt Drudge: Which ended up being the most dramatic moment on CNN in a generation! So…

Alex Jones: They admit that! They have votes and say that!

Matt Drudge: That’s why the need to hire people away from 6th Avenue just to look at the scene. I remember once saying to Charlie Rose, “why don’t you have more conservatives on?” and he says “who!?” And I, you know, there’s a whole list of them. Why are they limiting themselves? Because, you would say it’s a, you know, it’s contrived plan, to limit. But, I still think, to make provocative programming you’ve gotta have different points of view, à la the Buckley and Vidal, uhh, Gore Vidal. Where is that in this culture!? It’s missing. I get it from INFOWARS, I get it from other places too. Mainly talk radio. Talk radio seems to be the driving force of this culture, at least in spoken word. I’m not getting it from television that much. I’m just not! Where are the intriguing television shows? I mean, you could say ‘Homeland,’ you could say some of these others. Okay, yes. But, where are the real dynamic things that are pushing.

Alex Jones: Well, let’s expand on that. Piers Morgan had a ratings boost for, about 30% or 40%, for two weeks after that. Then it went down, steadily declined, and they got rid of him. CNN knows that if they put my commentary on, or your commentary, or others, tens of millions would tune in to watch it. They know that! They have to control the narrative because it’s an agenda even if it’s self-defeating and destroying them. So, where do you think that ends up going? Them attempting to censor us.

Matt Drudge: Well, it all depends if the sick Americans will get un-sick. That’s all. That’s all you just have to do. Because, if you get well, if you get well, you’re not that interested in what Anderson Cooper is saying about things. You’re just not, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be insulting. If you’re sick you find comfort in that.

Alex Jones: What are your final words?

Matt Drudge: (laughter) What do you mean, final words!? These are the last words ever spoken on Earth? These are the final words?

Alex Jones: Yes. George Washington says “tis well.”

Matt Drudge: Ahh, well, again, I justed wanted to come to congratulate you from building organically from the ground up.

Alex Jones: Thank you.

Matt Drudge: Uhh, a media that is not only American, it’s just Western. It’s not even Western, it’s just freedom. I can imagine somebody listening right now, listening to us, who’s sitting in a prison cell somewhere, somewhere awful, thinking about freedom. So, congratulations to you. More power to you to take care of yourself because, you know, you’re the vehicle too.